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Invite Connections

You’re invited. Two very powerful words when it comes to events. Big or small, for work or pleasure, events simply can’t be successful without the people who attend it. And the best way to draw a crowd? Send unique, personalized, hold-in-your-hand invitations. Taking the time and effort to design, detail and print invitations translates to the time and effort your organization takes in caring for its business relationships. (And you thought it was just a card with a date and location on it.)

Print with a Purpose: How Nonprofits Expand Their Reach

When nonprofits aren’t busy making a difference in their community, they’re busy making progress with print. Whether focused on education, advocacy or charity, organizations big and small are leaning on print to build partnerships, implement initiatives and support the welfare of those they serve. From fundraising and events to marketing and administrative essentials, print is a traditional medium resulting in modern gains.

Sales Strategy: How Catalogs Hack the Holidays

It happens every year without fail: the first leaf falls and the countdown to the gift-giving season suddenly begins. And as the search for the right gift ensues, your customers’ need for a convenient shopping experience becomes even more clear. Whether you specialize in artisanal crafts or mass-produced wares, catalog printing with Saddle Stitch Booklets or Brochures is the strategic gift that keeps on giving.

A New Draft: How Breweries Use Print to Pour

Thanks to craft beer culture, enjoying what’s on tap over a board game and good conversation is part of our regular routine. And where’s all this casual congregating taking place? Local breweries, of course. From Oktoberfest and seasonal pours and to trivia nights and live music, breweries have the hops and the happenings, and they’re using print to promote all the ways guests can eat, drink and be merry.

The Lure of a Logo: Promotional Products Build Brand Recognition & Loyalty

Stretching your marketing dollars is more important than ever. It goes without saying, you need a strategy that repeatedly pays off, not just a one-time wonder. Investing in promotional products is a tactic that advertises your business and boosts awareness practically anywhere. And we’re not talking just the obvious water bottles and keychains for giveaways.

Toast to Success: Wineries Tap into Print Marketing

While some winery patrons come solely for the grape, many stay for sunset strolls through the vineyard, tours of the barrel room and perfectly packed picnics. So how are wineries getting customers to wine and dine in the first place? They’re popping the cork on creative print marketing to blend the aroma with awareness and attendance.

Essential Printing: Ideas for Communication that Connects

In today’s “new normal,” there are indeed printing projects essential for the safety and well-being of our society. But there’s also a heart-felt, more creative side to printing that reminds us we’re all in this together. We’re connecting with customers on a more personal level and finding new ways to reach friends and family from afar.

From Production to Protection: Pivoting Beyond Print

During this time of uncertainty, Smartpress is proud to be a reliable source of essential print materials... and now personal protective equipment for those who need it most. Along with our parent company, The Bernard Group, we’re converting our production process to help protect those in our community and across the nation from the spread of COVID-19.

Smartpress Sponsors AIGA Design Camp

Smartpress Sponsors AIGA Design Camp

On a chilly, grey morning, hundreds of flannel-clad designers flocked to Madden’s Resort on Gull Lake in Brainerd, Minnesota. The venue, befitting the ultimate northern cabin getaway experience, would provide the very Minnesotan backdrop to AIGA’s Design Camp.

Redesigning the Smartpress Brand

We set out on a journey to redefine our brand direction, visual identity, and website. It would be an understatement to say there has been a change at Smartpress.