Extraordinary Impact: 14 Creative Print Designs from 2022 – Part 2

Extraordinary Impact: 14 Creative Print Designs from 2022 – Part 2

As a premium online printer, we know a thing or two about creative print design. And so do our customers! In Part 1, we gave you an inside look into seven projects from 2022 that were anything but ordinary. And now in this Part 2, we’re giving you seven more inspiring examples of how people followed their creative intuition and designed products in totally unique ways for totally impactful results.

A collage of custom bookmarks with a wine bottle on the front of each one.

Bookmarks: 100# Uncoated Smooth White Cover, 4 versions, 2 x 6″

Two hands holding four fanned-out brochures with a wine bottle on each one.

Bookmarks as Branded Merch

Creative print marketing flips the script on expectations, both with the design of the product and how the product is used. The Creative Director at PHCP, Amy Schraub did just that with custom Bookmarks for her client’s exclusive event.


With double-sided printing on classic uncoated smooth paper stock and 130# cover weight, they more than hit the mark. “Since this event is full of branded swag, we wanted to ensure the print materials created were easily held and able to be taken home – the bookmark was the perfect solution,” said Schraub.


Hint: Want to print multiple bookmarks with varying content? Try our Versions feature! It lets you print as many as you want with different designs all in one order. Just make sure the size, stock and finish remain the same.

A pocket mailer folding and unfolding with a picture of a dog laying on a couch on the inside.

Tri-fold Pocket Mailer: 100# Coated Matte White Cover, 21.4 x 12.5″

Two hands holding an unfolded pocket mailer showing an image of a dog laying on a couch.

Pocket Mailers as Info Packets

When you think of creative print design, informational packets may not immediately come to mind. Instead of typical pocket folders, Hannah Christianson, marketing coordinator for ARIUM Living, opted for a modern Designer Fold: the Tri-fold Pocket Mailer.


“This tri-folder is what we give prospects when touring so they can learn more about our brand, while also inserting and carrying floorplan cards,” said Christianson. And with gloss and matte UV coating options, it’s an impressive way to present the details.


Hint: Designing your own mailers for marketing? Tri-fold Pocket Mailers make online printing simple, with convenient wafer seals and addressing and mailing services.

A book with a perfect binding and the title "Bullet-Proof Hockey Mindset" in red and white letters.

Perfect Bound Book: C1S 12pt Cover with flat matte UV coating, 70# uncoated smooth white text interior pages, 5.5 x 8.5″

Two hands holding a paperback book open.

Booklets as Self-Published Books

Some of the best creative print ideas fill a hole in an industry. That’s what Kevin McClelland’s “Bullet-Proof Hockey Mindset” book did. As the founder of HockeyTraining.com, McClelland “wanted to create a complete resource for hockey players that would be best in a printed book [and] create authority in the hockey coaching space.” He did it with Perfect Bound Booklets.


The perfect binding creates a seamless square spine ideal for not only photography portfolios and lookbooks, but also novels. “We wanted it to look and feel like a book you would find at a bookstore,” said McClelland, “and we were impressed with how easy it was to turn our PDF into a book without the help of a publisher.”


Hint: Ready to be your own publisher? See how it’s done with custom booklets: A Novel Idea: How to Self-Publish a Book with Smartpress.

Announcement: 100# Uncoated Smooth Cover, 9 x 3″

Announcements as Package Inserts

So many of Smartpress’ products feature custom options that can make the end result truly original. One such print marketing example? Announcements as marketing cards from ETKIE CEO, Sydney Alfonso and Director of Operations/Wholesale, Kerry Marler.


Proving the power of a fold to enhance a format, Alfonso said the cards “help share our story and mission and are a great way to connect the customer with the artisan who made their bracelet.”

The cards are also used as package inserts. “Our marketing card is given to each customer when they buy an ETKIE beaded glass cuff [and] our wholesale clientele loves having additional packaging to give to their customers supporting the ETKIE story,” said Marler. “Our aim is to provide additional heartwarming material that tells the story of our amazing and talented artisans.”


Hint: Here’s the inspo you need to add a creative print design to your own package insert: Packaging Inserts: 7 Ideas (& Tips) to Increase Engagement.

Two hands holding a poster promoting a summer concert.

Large Poster: Poster Paper, 18 x 24″

A hand rolling up a poster.

Posters as Storytellers

One of our boldest creative marketing ideas comes courtesy of Tatiana Vidal, creative director of Logo Design and former owner of School of Rock Queens. Striking a chord with our Large Posters, Vidal’s strategy goes beyond hanging a few here and there to promote performances.


“The poster is a critical part of the announcement and the design reflects the school’s unique personality,” said Vidal. “Every student receives one signed by all members of their performance group. The poster is used on social media [and] hung in the lobby of the school, as well as the [performance] venue.”

With color and design in total harmony, Vidal’s marketing posters create “another level of rock authenticity.” More importantly, “when grouped with show posters from past seasons, it gives a powerful visual history of our school.”


Hint: Go big with your poster printing! Part of our vast online printing services, Large Posters can be designed up to 56-1/2 inches wide and an astounding 150 feet long.

Two hands holding a candle with a black label and its lid.

Label: crack ‘n’ peel 60# matte, 3.5 x 2.5″

Labels as Visual Influencers

Effective product labels secure a connection between the brand and the customer… and provide crucial visual impact. Kyle Anttila, owner of Birch Candle Company, was right on target. Combining our label printing with his unique branding, Anttila’s end product “supports the strength of our brand and contributes to the overall marketability of our business.”


That’s a lot to put on a label’s shoulders. But for Anttila, Smartpress helped carry the load when bringing his creative print design to life: “We were impressed with the ease of uploading artwork online, the proofing process in our dashboard and the customer support option via chat.”


Hint: Anttila chose our crack ‘n’ peel label stock, which features uncoated matte paper with permanent adhesive and easy peeling for a seamless application. Not into permanent labels? We have removable label stock, too.

A retractable banner in front of a step and repeat banner with a creative print design in black.

Step and Repeat Banner and Retractable Banner: 13 oz Smooth Vinyl – Opaque Matte

Banners as Boosters

Print marketing ideas can make or break a brand, whether you’re launching one or expanding one. Melody Foster’s tactic was to let custom banners do the multi-purpose work. As CXO of Corcoran Global Living, Foster’s mission was to have “consistent materials to grow the recognition of our company name” in a new area.


“We’ve had tremendous growth and used these signs at every event. The Step and Repeat Banners give our people a perfect backdrop when they take selfies to post to social media celebrating our growth,” said Foster. “And the Retractable Banners have also been terrific to use at community events or for charitable events we sponsor. They work well in entrance areas and are incredibly light, portable and easy to pop-up.”


Hint: Wondering about banner materials, pole pockets or assembly? We’re the online printing shop that’s got the answers: Banner Printing FAQ.




Bookmark Design by Kelli Janell Vara | Creative Director: Amy Schraub | Agency: Patrick Henry Creative Promotions
Tri-fold Pocket Mailer Design by Hannah Christianson
Perfect Bound Book Design by HockeyTraining.com
Announcement Design by Kerry Marler
Large Poster Design by Tatiana Vidal
Label Design by Kyle Anttila
Step and Repeat Banner and Retractable Banner Designs by: © 2020 Corcoran Global Living. All rights reserved. Corcoran® and the Corcoran Logo are registered service marks owned by Corcoran Group LLC.

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