Nonprofit Printing: Expand Your Reach with a Purpose

When nonprofits aren’t busy making a difference in their community, they’re busy making progress with print. Whether nonprofit printing is focused on education, advocacy or charity, organizations big and small are leaning on print to build partnerships, implement initiatives and support the welfare of those they serve. From fundraising and events to marketing and administrative essentials, print is a traditional medium resulting in modern gains.

Nonprofit marketing
Nonprofit printing

Focus on the Foundation

All nonprofits have to begin somewhere, and no matter how big the organization, there are administrative needs that must be tended to first. You must be organized when creating a professional presentation and making that all-important first impression.


Take it from David Downing, Art Director for Snowboarders + Skiers for Christ and owner of Ovid Nine Creative Lab. “As a small nonprofit, SFC has big ideas and a big mission,” he said. “Creating well-designed print collateral gets the word out in an eye-catching way to create broad awareness and participation.”


That “well-designed print collateral” includes custom Business Cards for your staff, branded Letterhead and Business Envelopes for important communication and Pocket Folders for networking at industry events.

Nonprofit mailers
Charity organization printing

Coordinate Your Collateral

Designing with Smartpress means you can customize online printing projects in creative yet coordinated ways so your donor community and volunteers recognize your brand and get the message instantly.


Working with nonprofits like MN350, designer Kellie Schneider knows the importance of a cohesive marketing approach. “It’s important that projects feel consistent, especially for a coordinated event,” she said. “I love working with Smartpress because it’s easy to create vibrant and beautiful materials across various formats, from postcards to programs.”

Create handbooks and directories with Saddle Stitch Booklets, educate benefactors with Brochures, update donors with Direct Mail Newsletters, provide campaign information with Door Hangers and advertise events with Direct Mail Postcards.


Tip: Explore different formats for your nonprofit printing. Annual reports look great in both custom booklets and newsletters. Just be sure to add a saddle stitch binding to your newsletter like Downing did with SFC’s annual report.

Custom printing

A Proactive Approach

Running a nonprofit means spearheading a lot of events. From target audiences and long-time volunteers to potential donors and new supporters, keeping your community engaged and connected can lead to incremental changes, boosts in revenue and dedicated affiliations. For Downing, the best way to attract attention is through print.


“Emails and digital outreach has saturated everyone’s lives that it’s often ignored,” he said. “When you reach your audience via print – an audience that’s signed up to be contacted – there’s more incentive to read a physical promotion and you get more of your message across per viewer.”

Send event Invitations to existing and prospective partners, show your appreciation with Thank You Cards and request donations via Letter Mailers with Reply Envelopes. Schneider has found that designing collateral with custom sizes, finishes and eco-friendly stocks truly impresses.


“One comment I receive often is that these materials make my clients feel professional and thoughtfully-branded,” she said. “They feel confident when communicating with donors and hosting events.”

Enhance the Experience

The outreach doesn’t stop once attendees arrive at events. Custom signage furthers your philanthropic message, highlights partnerships and reiterates your mission, all while decorating the event space.


“The vinyl banners for the annual SFC conferences [helped them] feel professional and well-thought-out,” said Downing. “Though we’re a bunch of skiers and snowboarders, we also have important goals we take very seriously, and the graphic design played a large part in that.”

Whether your nonprofit printing focuses on design with Hanging Banners and Retractable Banners or keep it simple and straight-forward with Small Posters, it’s clear the right signage helps you tell the righteous story.


Create photo backdrops with Tension Fabric Displays, guide guests safely with directional signage like A-Frame Sidewalk Signs and Floor Graphics, decorate information booths with Foam Board Signs and Table Throws and prepare presentations with PVC Foam Signs.

Marketing ideas for organizations
Marketing ideas for charities

Rewarding Resources

A key learning for nonprofits (and businesses of any kind) is that people like free stuff. Whether bolstering awareness efforts with fun Stickers or staying relevant with practical Saddle Stitch Calendars, these seemingly small gifts can result in big dividends.


Smartpress’ online printing services make all this possible. We even offer a wide range of branded Promotional Products like apparel, drinkware, bags and PPE. It’s something Schneider sees as a big advantage.


“My clients live both in the digital and print space,” she said. “Smartpress has the capability and versatility to handle any project that comes my way.”

Nonprofit advertising

A Strong Partnership

With tight budgets and stretched resources, nonprofits need partners that help and never hinder. Online printing with Smartpress does just that.


Downing’s collaboration resulted in two wins: impressive materials with “competitive prices, good turnaround times and great print quality” and pleased donors. “A professional annual report gives them confidence that we’ll use their money in a responsible and well-thought-out manner,” he said.

Schneider echoes the print quality and notes, “ordering is a dream: easy, fast and dependable.”


For Jackie Lehmann, Senior Designer for the Animal Humane Society, Smartpress solved her historical problem of inconsistent products from various vendors: “The order process is slick, customer service is lovely, production and shipping time is quick, and the final products are good quality.”


You’re already spending your time working to support your cause; let us help you do it creatively and consistently.






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Letterhead, Business Card, Door Hanger, Pocket Folder, Saddle Stitch Calendar, Table Throw, PVC Foam Board Sign, Foam Board Sign, and Floor Graphic Designs by Nicole Bullock
Letter Mailer with Reply Envelope Design by Brooke USA, Inc.
Invitation Design by Secure World Foundation
Thank You Card and Brochure Designs by Wings for Kids
SFC Direct Mail Newsletter Design by Ovid Nine Creative Lab
Direct Mail Postcard Design by Kellie Schneider
Business Envelope Design by Theresa Swaney/ Lake Street Council
Saddle Stitch Booklet Design by Zoe Empowers
Sticker Design by Ricardo Levins Morales/ Visit Lake Street
Poster Design by Jackie Lehmann, Animal Humane Society
Hanging Banner Design by Kerry Barnett, Westmont Public Library
Retractable Banner Design by Designed by Zech Nelson, Missions.Me & 1Nation 1Day

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