Smartpress Storefronts: Build a Full-Service Print Management Solution

Managing print for your business, no matter the size, takes a lot of work. From ensuring consistency in branding and marketing across the organization, to tracking orders, payments and print collateral distribution, your workflow needs to be detailed and efficient. What if there were a one-stop shop solution? A print management software and workflow management system together in one place? With Smartpress Storefronts, you get all that and more.


A Storefront is web-to-print software that gives you the Smartpress ordering platform completely branded for your company. Providing distributed ordering, branded promotional materials, print collateral for marketing, operations, HR and any other business needs, it simplifies our online printing services in every way, just for you.


Nicole Geyer, marketing project manager at Insomnia Cookies, says, “The Storefront is the ideal solution for our company because it gives us the ability to house all of our printed materials and beyond within one space.” We talked to Geyer about how Smartpress Storefronts has turned Insomnia Cookies’ marketing and online printing strategy into a sweet success.

Smartpress Storefronts

But first, here are some
quick takes on Storefronts:

  • Storefronts can be completely customized for your brand, streamlining your print order management and fulfillment needs.
  • Great for franchises and enterprise corporations in any industry: health care, real estate, fitness, retailers, restaurants, senior living facilities, food distributors, etc.
  • Maintain your brand integrity and design standards across every location, franchise or department in your company.
  • Choose and design specific products and quantities, but customize as needed.
  • Corporate contacts can order for all stores and then Smartpress can kit and ship directly to individual stores, or individual stores can access the Storefront and order for their own needs.
  • Individual stores can upload their own designs and print on-demand, or use pre-designed branded stock products designed by your company with choices of product specifications.
  • Set approvals for orders of specific products or budget.
  • Manage and track the inventory Smartpress houses for your fulfillment.
  • Print marketing brochures and sell sheets, apparel and promotional items, front-of-house menus and posters, operational signage and safety floor graphics, or HR collateral like legal documents, employee training manuals, benefit guides and more.

“A Storefront has allowed us to unify our brand and messaging and ensure every location across the company has access to the same exact items.”

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Q&A with Nicole Geyer, marketing project manager at Insomnia Cookies:


What makes Insomnia Cookies’ structure and print needs suited to an online Storefront?
Nicole Geyer: “Insomnia Cookies and all of our 183 locations nationwide operate under one unified brand. That being said, our messaging, marketing materials, products and print need to be exactly the same nationwide to ensure brand consistency. Everything [on the Storefront] is easily accessible and ordering is quick and simple, not to mention the inventory is updated immediately, allowing us to stay on top of ordering needs.”


How do your various stores use your Storefront?
“Our stores request their required marketing and operation materials on a bi-weekly and monthly basis via an internal system. Members of our marketing team then fulfill the stores’ needs via the Storefront. Everything a store could need, from a marketing standpoint, is available to order through the Storefront, making it clear, simple and quick.”

How has Smartpress Storefronts resolved business challenges for Insomnia Cookies?
“We are so fortunate to say our brand is quickly growing and evolving every step of the way. A Storefront has allowed us to unify our brand and messaging and ensure every location across the company has access to the same exact items, from back-of-bakery signage to clings you see on the windows if you walk by an Insomnia Cookies. Not only is the Storefront a way to keep us unified, but also organized and efficient, too.”


What features do you like most about having a Storefront for your print needs?
“The biggest win for Insomnia Cookies is the simplicity of printing a project through the Storefront. We partner with campus and local organizations nationwide and the Storefront gives us the ability to print items on-demand. This is quick and easy for our local marketing activations team [and] saves our busy graphic design team from needing to supply a flyer or coupon each time – definitely a win-win!”

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Are there any tips or tricks you’ve discovered for how a company can get the best results from Smartpress Storefronts?
“Staying organized and on top of inventory is a huge key to making sure your Storefront is producing the best results. Additionally, thinking ahead and being proactive with the items and materials your company will need, depending on upcoming holidays or promotions, is also important and easy with a Storefront.”


How often do you collaborate with your Smartpress team? What role do our team members play?
“I talk with my Smartpress team at least once a day – they can’t get rid of me! I couldn’t ask for a better team. Any crazy idea we bring to them or last-minute item we find ourselves wanting, our team always bends over backwards for us to ensure it gets done. They play a huge role in brainstorming, production and follow-up to ensure we are getting exactly what we asked for every time.”

How have your print initiatives helped Insomnia Cookies achieve its strategic goals?
“Our print initiatives play a crucial role in all aspects of Insomnia Cookies, but particularly promoting and selling our limited-time cookie flavors. With each [one], we roll out a print campaign to promote the cookie in-store. If it weren’t for the brilliant print pieces we are able to send to stores nationwide, our campaigns would certainly not be as successful as they are.”


Insomnia Cookies recently rebranded. How has print been integral in this process?
“Using print ensures our Insomniacs, both internal and external, were introduced to the ‘new Insomnia’ in a unified and impactful way. Using print materials allowed us to authentically and visually express who we are and where we are headed in cities across the country.”

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What feedback have you received from Insomnia Cookies employees about their use of the Storefront?
“Anyone who uses [it] is always pleased to find it’s easy to navigate, organized and very user-friendly. All of our users love to see updated inventory for items, as well as the ability to print commonly-used items, such as coupons and flyers, on-demand.”

What impresses you most about Smartpress as your online printer?
“Our final products always look better than we anticipated: vibrant colors, bold text, etc. We couldn’t be happier each time we roll out a new print campaign. The most impressive piece for us is that no matter what the ask is, our [Smartpress] team always brings our visions to life and the pieces always look brilliant.”

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