Go Big on Your Booth: 11 Conference & Trade Show Booth Ideas

Go Big on Your Booth: 11 Conference & Trade Show Booth Ideas

The trade show or conference floor can be overwhelming. So many vendors, so many gimmicks. Get noticed for all the right reasons with our patented* trade show booth ideas. From banners that draw attendees (and potential clients) in, to handouts that leave a memorable impression, our trade show and conference marketing strategies ensure you not only succeed, but also show off.


*Not actually patented. But they’re really good!




6 Ideas for the Booth

The booth is the end-all, be-all of trade shows and conferences. No matter what industry you’re in, no matter how big your business, the booth is where the magic happens. Because of this, it’s crucial you spend time thinking about your presentation – it’s your business’ branding, values and culture all in one trade show display. Here are the essentials you need to make an impact.


Hanging Banners
The moment you walk into any trade show or conference, the first thing you see is banners. Big ones, small ones, ones that should’ve been given another once-over before going to print. Make sure yours earns the double-take with Hanging Banners.


For bold branding, these trade show banners do it every time. With mesh and vinyl options, plus double-side printing and everything you could need for an easy install (we’re talking grommets, webbing, pole pockets, dowels… you name it), they ensure your opening statement packs a punch.


Retractable Banners
The thing about a conference or trade show display booth is that it has to stop passersby from passering-by. That means hitting them not only with branding, but also a high-level overview of your business. Enter: Retractable Banners.


Easy to set up and take down, these pop up banners are a durable and versatile marketing vehicle. Color jumps off the smooth vinyl, while a matte finish gives your message an unrivaled professional touch.

Step and Repeat Banners
All our talk of outwitting and out-branding your competition can make this marketing strategy stuff feel pretty serious. But it doesn’t have to be! These events are supposed to be energetic and fun, too. Combat the stress of it all with one of our favorite conference or trade show booth ideas: selfies against a Step and Repeat Banner.


In custom sizes and custom designs, these matte vinyl backdrops are perfect for spotlighting your logo (and your business when those selfies hit the socials). Add pole pockets and our adjustable stand to accommodate any booth.


Hint: For some serious fun, consider offering props for clients to play with, like cutout eyeglasses and mustaches.


Feather Flags
Attendance can be a double-edged sword. You want people to show up, but the more they do, the more your marketing can get covered up. We love custom Feather Flags for this very reason. With flags up to 17 feet high, they ensure you get noticed all the way across the conference floor.


Choose from razor, sabre and teardrop shapes, plus single- or double-sided printing to double up on the brand recognition. And with dye sublimation printing, your design and details will truly stun from every angle.

A woman putting a green branded tablecloth and table tent on a table.



Table Throws
People aren’t just looking up and around your booth, they’re looking down at your table, too. Take advantage of another branding moment with custom Table Throws. In 6-foot and 8-foot sizes, this type of trade show table cover establishes your display and sets you up for those super important client conversations.


Design yours with a repeated logo or keep it simple with your business’ name front and center. Either way, these branded tablecloths give you a polished presentation that looks great from event to event (the polyester material is machine washable).

Table Tents
Even as you begin to build those client connections, it’s still important to have print marketing that’s easy to digest at your (and their) fingertips. For trade show tabletop displays, we turn to Table Tents.


Ideal for promoting services and products or showcasing your brand, table tent printing is your multi-purpose marketing solution. Choose from coated paper stocks and try our Versions feature to save time and money (it lets you print multiple tents with varying content in the same order – just keep your size, stock and finish the same).


Hint: Wondering about design templates for all these essentials? As a customer-focused online printing shop, we’ve got your back: Layout Guides.



5 Ideas for Networking

Time is a precious commodity at a trade show or conference. Attendees have it, your job is to get it – and you can’t win their business if you can’t hold their attention. Entice potential clients to do more than pause at your booth with print marketing and trade show supplies they’ll want to take with them.




When you think of conference collateral and promotional items, think custom Brochures. They’re the ultimate trade show swag! With more than 10 folds to choose from and options like perforation to create tear-off discounts, brochure printing ensures your takeaways are anything but throwaways.


And if you really want your products and services to stay top-of-mind, lay them out in one of our Designer Folds, like the Square Folded Cross or Tri-Fold Pocket Mailer. These specialty folds stand out easily in a world full of rectangles and can even hold other print collateral.


No part of your trade show printing can be overlooked, especially the Catalogs clients take with them. With a saddle stitched binding, they can be product catalogs with vibrant imagery and minimal text, wholesale catalogs with pricing and detailed specs or lookbooks that create an entire experience on the page.


However you design yours, remember that the quality of your catalog reflects the quality of your business. But don’t worry, Smartpress’ multiple catalog printing options – in various formats with textured stocks or ultra gloss finishes – position you and your brand above the rest.

Rack Cards
If your booth is buzzing (and we hope it is), you may not be able to talk with every person who stops by. Make it easy for them to still get to know you with grab-and-go options like Rack Cards. This is one of the most effective conference or trade show booth ideas because it gives potential clients a quick reference that can present a lot of info.


Go in depth with product descriptions or shout out your superior services with detailed specs on the front and back. And because your business has got it, flaunt it with UV coatings or the velvety-smooth Soft Touch laminate.


Sell Sheets
Another option for marketing on the move is trade show flyers made with our Sell Sheets. With a stack of these on your table, anyone can easily take one and get all they need to know about your products or services.


Plus, you get to choose from tons of paper options, including recycled stocks that speak to your values as a business. As an eco-friendly online printer ourselves, Smartpress lets you send a green message with sustainably sourced stocks available on all sorts of conference collateral.

A woman in a black turtleneck flipping a business card over with a QR code on the back.


Business Cards
We can’t talk about conference networking without talking about custom Business Cards. The OG is still a staple for a reason – it just works. But just because it’s been around for a while doesn’t mean it hasn’t had an upgrade.


With Smartpress’ premium online printing services, your business card printing can be as personalized as you like. From white ink to laser-cut logos, custom shapes to foil accents, these cards offer so much more than contact info. We suggest adding a QR code with a link to your website or a promo code.


Hint: Ready to design your conference or trade show supplies for online printing? Our Support Center has all the product FAQ you need to know.

A woman showing a folder to a man standing at a trade show booth with a green background.

For the Win

Conferences and trade shows are valuable resources for not only direct sales, but also positioning your brand as a leader among your industry peers. They’re a chance to create relationships, foster new partnerships and simply talk shop with other business owners and retailers. Use our print marketing tools and trade show booth ideas to stop attendees in their tracks and be the talk of the whole event.


Hint: Want to print custom lanyards? We can do that, too! Just reach out for a Custom Quote.

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