Business Card Size: Best Business Card Dimensions to Use
| Posted on 6/4/24

Business Card Size: Best Business Card Dimensions to Use

Business cards have a big job to do, so how you design them is crucial – and that especially includes your business card size. With the right business card dimensions for you and your brand, the networking practically networks itself.


Whether you’re attending a conference or simply want your contact info at-the-ready, business card sizes play a big part in that first impression. To ensure you make a lasting one, let’s dive into the standard business card size, other business card measurements and what to consider when designing your business card.


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Business card dimensions lining a business card printed on Kraft paper with black graphics.


What Size is a Business Card?


Networking of any kind is important, but professional networking is on a whole other level. And when designed right, a business card (and specifically, the size of a business card) helps you focus on making strong connections with potential partners, clients and customers.


Whether you choose a common business card size or a custom one, the dimensions affect the design – and how you and your brand are perceived. The standard size of a business card is similar to other cards you encounter daily, like a credit card, driver’s license or gift card. So let’s get into some specifics.


Hint: See how two of our clients printed business cards to reflect their values and represent their brand.



Business Card Sizes


There’s more than one answer to the question, “What are the dimensions of a business card?” Versatile marketing assets, business cards make effective package inserts and are essential to your overall print marketing strategy, so it makes sense that business card dimensions vary by intent or even industry.

However, there are some common sizes that can help you narrow down your design decision:

  • 3.5”W x 2”H (standard business card size)
  • 3.5”W x 2.5”H
  • 3.5”W x 4”H
  • Custom sizes




A hand holding a foil business card printed with Stonecutter Spirits in gold foil.


Standard Business Card Size: 3.5”W x 2”H

The standard business card dimensions are 3.5”W x 2”H. Why is this the standard? These dimensions ensure your card fits easily into wallets and card holders – it’s as simple as that. Its practicality makes it a popular choice for business cards, appointments cards and more. (Design Tip: This business card size in pixels is 1050 x 600).

A hand holding a raised UV business card printed with F&C in blue above a house by a pool.


3.5”W x 2.5”H

Slightly larger than the normal business card size, the 3.5”W x 2.5”H size is a great option when you want your design and information to be displayed in full view. Is your brand’s marketing strategy heavy on visuals and logos? An ever-so-slightly larger canvas might be your choice, as you ask yourself, “How big is a business card?” and “What do I want it to say about me?”




The bottom left corner of a business card printed with a green background and yellow letters.


3.5”W x 4”H

If you want to move even further away from the average business card size, 3.5”W x 4”H may be the right dimensions for you. This size is a particular favorite for really creative designs and bold branding. These dimensions ensure your card naturally stands out on its own. And when you pair them with distinct imagery, digital laser-cut logos or foil printing, a strong impression is guaranteed.


Since this business card size doesn’t fit easily into a wallet, you might consider including your card in a brochure or pocket folder for conference or meeting attendees.

A hand holding a unique business card printed with Hello Cocktail Co in red, white and black.


Custom Size

A business card can be designed with whatever dimensions you like, including custom sizes. When you print business cards with Smartpress, your custom options also include recycled paper stocks and finishes like raised UV and Soft Touch laminate. Choosing a custom size over a standard size business card speaks volumes as to who you are and what’s important to your brand – just know a custom size that’s not compatible with wallets and card holders can be a challenge (and potential turn-off) for recipients.


Get even more details with our business card printing FAQ.




A business card printing template listing business card dimensions, bleed and margin info.


What to Consider When Designing
Business Card Measurements


Business card size isn’t the only thing to consider when designing this networking essential. While the dimensions of a business card are important, so is knowing what info to put on it. A few other key elements are required in your design file, too, before you submit it for online printing with Smartpress:

To optimize your business card’s layout (and impact), be sure to create yours with these formatting factors in mind:

  • Safe Area
  • Trim Line
  • Bleed Area



Safe Area

When designing your business card, the safe area refers to the space where all of your information and imagery should be placed to avoid being cut off. Designing within the appropriate safe area ensures your content looks clear and your card looks professional.


The safe area is not to be confused with the safe margin, which is 0.125” for standard size business card dimensions (plus all other dimensions). In your document setup, the safe margin should be 0.125” around your safe area.

Trim Line

The trim line is where your business card is cut. As you consider what size are business cards and how to design to that size, you must also consider the cutting tolerance, which is the slight variation that can occur during printing.


We recommend a 0.125” cutting tolerance, meaning the trim line can vary by up to 0.125”. Anything that comes within 0.125” of the edge of the cut line could potentially be cut off, so you want to be precise when aligning your text and design elements.


Bleed Area

Bleed is any content that goes beyond the trim line to the edge of the sheet, or in this case, the business card. It’s an area where content (like imagery) is extended from one side to another but doesn’t include critical information. When you think about what size is a standard business card – or any size, really – you also have to think about the bleed size. For printing with Smartpress, we recommend a 0.125” bleed.



Four business cards showing their front and back and printed with various branding.


Print Professional Business Cards with Smartpress


Making client connections, boosting awareness and growing your brand can be difficult, but when you have the right business card size and design, the first step is simple. And when you make business cards part of your broader print marketing strategy, the metrics fall right into place.


You may have been wondering what are the standard dimensions of a business card, but now you may be wondering if the standard dimensions are right for you and the impression you want to make. Luckily, when you print online with Smartpress, you’ve got size, stock and finishing options that send your message your way. Choose your business card and place your order today.

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