On Press

On Press articles highlight a variety of print design techniques and effects that can be achieved at Smartpress. They also provide insights into Smartpress print products, paper stocks, and finishing capabilities.

Next Level Networking: Unique Business Cards

Business cards do more than offer your contact information. They’re a prelude that promotes, an appetizer that advertises. And because they’re doing double marketing duty, they need a design that compels customer connections and potential business partnerships. Unique business cards printed at Smartpress do just that.

Invite Connections

You’re invited. Two very powerful words when it comes to events. Big or small, for work or pleasure, events simply can’t be successful without the people who attend it. And the best way to draw a crowd? Send unique, personalized, hold-in-your-hand invitations. Taking the time and effort to design, detail and print invitations translates to the time and effort your organization takes in caring for its business relationships. (And you thought it was just a card with a date and location on it.)

Pure Class: Building a Premium Print Marketing Strategy in Real Estate

Builders, developers, and architectural firms recognize the sheer importance of showcasing your company’s work in a high-end manner. A proven staple in the real estate industry, print marketing gives potential clients and partners a glimpse into your skills - and thus should reflect the same care and professionalism with which you conduct your business.

The Power of Light: Digital Laser Cutting

When it comes to print projects, one of the most eye-catching, stop-them-in-their-tracks design tactics you can employ is die-cutting. It immediately elevates a piece into the echelon of “never seen that before” and spurs the question, “How’d they do this?” With Smartpress, if you create it, we can cut it.

Print in Politics: A Campaign’s Most Effective Tool

When it comes to political campaigning, print works. No question about it. Studies show print is still one of the most effective tools in the fundraising and stumping season. Digital marketing will only get you “so far.” You need to be proactive in getting the word out in print.

Community Engagement: How Churches are Leveraging Print to Boost Attendance

Smartpress is honored to be the digital printer for hundreds of churches across the nation. Whether you’re a church plant in its fledgling stage or a well-established megachurch, using print allows you to engage with your community and welcome newcomers in a big way. And these same tactics can be translated to businesses and all other organizations. After all, print marketing is about engaging your audience and drawing them in (to check you out).

Custom Signs: 10 Substrates to Intrigue, Inform & “Wow”

At Smartpress, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to Signage. And we heard you - combing through the gamut of substrates, display options and uses can indeed be a daunting task! So we’ve made your shopping experience much easier - and more informative - by breaking out Signs by type. Oh, and there’s an added perk: now that we’ve categorized Signs, our pricing is better, too!