Brewery Marketing: How Brewers Pour Print into the Process

Thanks to craft beer culture, enjoying what’s on tap over a board game and good conversation is part of our regular routine. And where’s all this casual congregating taking place? Local breweries, of course. From Oktoberfest and seasonal pours to trivia nights and live music, brewery marketing has the hops and the happenings. Check out our tips for using print to promote all the ways guests can eat, drink and be merry.

Brewery marketing
Print marketing for breweries

Crafty Communication

As any brewmaster knows, getting beer lovers into the taproom and onto the patio begins with marketing. Overseeing day-to-day operations at the brewhouse and tasting room at Dwinell Country Ales in Goldendale, WA, Jocelyn Leigh uses custom Brochures to promote their pints. “The tri-fold brochure is used as an informational pamphlet and sign-up sheet for our tasting room’s beer club,” Leigh says. “And there’s a second version for our bottle membership as well.”


An essential for brewery marketing, Leigh’s brochures are kept by the register, on tables during events and taken to beer festivals. And since they have content about the brewery and the beer, they’re “a great way for customers to get to know us even if the bar or event is busy and there’s not time for a one-on-one conversation,” she says.

Just like Leigh’s brochure “acts as a natural conversation starter rather than a sales pitch,” so too do our Direct Mail Postcards. Ideal for creating brand awareness and inviting customers and potential clients to your brewery, the postcards get your malty message straight to your audience while we handle list acquisition, list processing, addressing and mailing.


For an upscale online printing solution, design custom Saddle Stitch Booklets with pages laid together and stapled through the fold line. Clean and simple, they’re perfect for showcasing your background story, seasonal pours, merchandise, events and can even be mailed directly to customers.

Brewery menus
Marketing ideas for breweries

Brewery Basics

Whether there’s a food truck outside or a holiday market with local vendors inside, once thirsty patrons arrive, it’s about getting them to the IPAs, ciders and stouts as quickly as possible. Enter: Waterproof and Take-out Menus.


Casey Krawczuk, Designer and Social Media Director at Zeus Brewing Company in Poughkeepsie, NY, relies on Waterproof Menus for food and drink offerings, as well as branding. “We wanted something durable and easy to clean, first and foremost,” Krawczuk says. “We were able to convey both our food and cocktail/wine menus on one document, and do it in a way that was sleek to match our industrial-chic space.”



Brewery marketing tips



While Take-out Menus are ideal for pick-up orders and one-time use (you can even mail them to potential customers), Waterproof Menus are a reusable, sanitizable, budget-friendly solution for breweries. Krawczuk also appreciates how they don’t pull focus from ordering. “Most customers hardly notice the physical menu itself,” he says. “Their eyes don’t wander to beer stains or wrinkles/tears in the paper. Each interaction is like it’s fresh off the presses.”


One other print solution that can act like a menu? Table Tents. Advertise happy hour times and specials, flight options and brewery events on tabletops and at the bar.

Taproom Traffic

No matter how citrusy the shandy or crisp the pilsner, if your brewery is lacking in atmosphere, it’ll be lacking in attendance, too. Rich Norton, Creative Director at Ruby Valley Brew in Sheridan, MT, knows what’s on the taproom walls needs to be as impactful as what’s in the beer.


He leverages Large Posters to “bring our beer label artwork to life.” Norton’s “horses-as-humans” illustrations create a “visual combination [that] feels historic, yet fun” and reflects the brewery’s ranching influence.

It’s a strategy that never goes stale. “The overall brand image and personality exists in all that we create,” Norton says, including Business Cards that act as a contact and coupon for first-time customers.


Smartpress’ online printing services crack open the creativity on your brewery decor with Small Posters for branded artwork and product marketing, Door Hangers for custom growler tags and Labels for bottles, packaging and merchandise. Hint: Design your own branded merchandise with Promotional Products. Get custom coasters, apparel, drinkware and more.

Craft beer marketing
Beer marketing ideas

On the House

Decor isn’t the only thing breweries have on their walls. Along with close-ups of the latest concoctions and industrial artwork, you’ll find custom signage. Backlit Signs advertise the brand and products while Hanging Banners promote events. Look down and you’ll see Floor Graphics for social distancing and wayfinding.


And the windows? Morgan Jappe, co-founder of the Brewery Running Series™, doesn’t forget about those, using Static Window Clings to boost excitement and attendance for her annual 5k events.


“As part of our pre-season launch, we gift the window clings in a kit to each of our brewery partners,” Jappe says. Along with Rack Cards, Small Posters, Yard Signs and Business Cards that Smartpress also prints, Jappe’s kits are “a fun way to denote who our participating partners are in the community and share marketing materials for our events.”

Creative brewery marketing

Raise a Glass

There are numerous reasons why breweries keep pairing up with Smartpress as their online printer. For Krawczuk and his Waterproof Menus, it’s simple and straightforward: “We were impressed mainly by how durable they were,” he says. “We really, really tried to ruin these things with no luck and have saved hundreds of dollars on toner and paper.”


For Jappe, it’s Smartpress’ execution and communication: “Every interaction with staff is kind and professional,” she says. “The order is done right and on time!”

High quality and expert service are obvious essentials for a brewery and their printer. “We rely on print even in this digital world,” Jappe says. “We aim to connect with our community in multiple ways, and having polished, professional print that will catch the eye of the consumer, as well as potential new community partners, is key to our success.”




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Runcible Cider Art and Design by Nathan Yoder, Yondr Studio
Local Brewing Company Waterproof Beer Menu Design by Michael Niemis
Roadmap Brewing Co. Small Poster Design by DeuxSouth Creative
Prairie Bourbon Radler Design by United Prairie Marketing Team
The Bronx Brewery Business Card Design by The Bronx Brewery
PHX Beer Co. Sanitizer Label Design by Gabriela Arellano of Arellano Creative
Act Natural Wine & Beer Festival Design by Leila Register for the Hopewell Brewing Company
Jackass Brewing Company Design by Sarah Brown, Senior Graphic Designer | Golden Proportions Marketing
Social Distancing Floor Graphic Design by Mackenzie Harris

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