Real Estate Marketing: 18 Print Products to Close the Deal

For realtors, developers and property managers alike, designing effective real estate marketing materials is essential to closing on any sale. From first-time homebuyer guides and property information inserts to Open House banners and Just Listed postcards, let us hand you the keys to successful print marketing. Leverage Smartpress’ online printing services to make your strategy structurally sound. With the right advertising, it can always be your kind of market.

Real estate business cards

Business Card: 120# Coated Matte White Cover with Flat Matte UV Coating on Both Sides, 2.5 x 3.5″

A Proactive Plan

As you build your business, promote new developments and spread the word about floor plans and amenities, it’s important to lay a strong foundation with business stationery. Staying in touch with potential buyers and past clients establishes invaluable relationships and does a lot of the networking for you.


Successful real estate marketing and advertising starts with unique Business Cards for you and your staff. With custom design options like premium paper stocks, white ink printing and UV coatings, you can print business cards that are as aesthetically pleasing as the properties you’re presenting.

Tyler Forte, CEO of Felix Homes, chose an unexpected vertical orientation and double-sided printing for his custom business cards. Pairing them with other real estate collateral has “been instrumental in our marketing and sales campaigns,” he said.


Teaming up with a customer-focused online printer like Smartpress sealed the deal. “Smartpress is so easy to work with,” Forte said. “As a client, I feel like I am getting the care and attention that a locally-owned print shop would provide.”

 “I feel like I am getting the care and attention that a locally-owned print shop would provide.”

Thank you card

Thank You Card: 100# Fealt Weave White, 7 x 5″

Real estate presentation folder

Pocket Folder: C2S 14pt with Flat Matte UV Coating on Cover and Business Card Slits on right panel

Desirable Details

When it comes to business necessities, there’s no need to “renovate” the wheel. For instance, no real estate agency can do without custom Thank You Cards. Print them (with matching envelopes) for homeowners and new renters, write personal messages to development partners and even guests attending industry presentations.


And whether you’re one of those guests or doing the presenting yourself, make a professional impression with custom Pocket Folders. That’s exactly what Emily Smith, COO of Wemert Group Realty, did.


Personalizing her folders to coordinate with Wemert’s color scheme and brand identity, Smith “wanted a professional package for our agents to use on listing presentations and with buyers for appointments to hold all documents, contracts, etc.”

Create your own buyers packets by compiling property and financial information in branded folders with printing on the exterior and interior. Even add one or two business card slits and consider shrink wrapping to store them safely for conferences and clients throughout the year.


Whether your properties are upscale and uptown or beachfront bargains, making personal connections and building trust with your clients is what it’s all about.


“Our clients feel confident about our professionalism when given a simple but smart package,” said Smith. “The folder’s quality, overall design and functionality add to our client experience and help us stand out among competitors in our market. We can’t ask for more in a print partner.”

Business envelope and letterhead

Letterhead: 70# Uncoated Smooth White, 8.5 x 11″ shown with a #10 Business Envelope

One-of-a-Kind Character

As you work with first-time buyers, seasoned sellers and property partners, send the right real estate marketing message with custom Letterheads and print your own Business Envelopes to match. No matter what you have to say, coordinate your communication with uncoated paper stocks and black or full-color ink.


Hint: Ready to mail? Our complete mailing services include list acquisition and processing, plus variable data printing that lets you personalize your business envelopes for individual recipients.

Real estate booklets

Saddle Stitch Booklet: 80# Coated Matte White Cover with 80# Coated Matte White Text Interior Pages, 8.5 x 11″

Saddle stitch portfolios



Stasny Real Estate Group’s Cynthia Stasny went the extra mile with Saddle Stitch Booklets. Ensuring her clients have all the information they need, her saddle stitched portfolios are used to “educate the sellers on what my team offers,” she said. “On the buyer side of things, the buyer has to remember so much at the beginning and the buyer portfolio helps with the confusion.”


Offering contact information, a mission statement, testimonials, tips and tricks, captivating photos, graphics and more, saddle stitch books like Stasny’s can use every inch of the square footage. (With up to 64 pages, you can design real estate buyers guides or showcase entire neighborhoods in various text and cover weights.)


“We talk a lot and being able to leave [clients] something to reference afterward is very important,” said Stasny, noting the saddle stitch binding’s refined look represents how her team works and sets client expectations. “Having a powerful portfolio speaks volumes.”

Marketing mailers

Direct Mail Postcard: C2S 14pt with Flat Matte UV Coating on Front, 11 x 6″

Marketing car magnet

Car Magnet: .030 mil White, 18 x 12″

Custom-Built Creativity

Just as property types can vary, so too can your real estate marketing collateral. One factor to consider is how that marketing reaches your target audience. Are you designing a direct mail campaign? Will you be offering information at showings? Hoping for some on-the-go advertising? With an online printer like Smartpress, you can do it all.


Connect with potential buyers and sellers in your area with Direct Mail Postcards. Custom postcards let you broaden your reach, whether you’re an established company or a new brand. Design Just Listed postcards and let us handle variable addressing and mailing for you. (Hint: Add perforation for a quick and easy tear-off business card.)


Then give “curb appeal” a whole new meaning with custom Car Magnets. Advertise your business and contact information everywhere you go. Digital die cutting allows you to design magnetic car signs in any shape and size to grab attention as you drive through metro areas and suburbs alike.

Marketing brochure

100# Coated Gloss White Cover with soft touch coating on both sides, trifold, 24 x 8″ folded to 8 x 8″

Reat estate brochure

Advertising Amenities

Liz Wood, vice president of operations and communications at Tranzon, needed real estate advertising tailored to a specific type of seller. With custom Brochures, Wood’s search for the right format was over.


“These clients understand that the sale of their properties requires a unique, white-glove approach to achieve a sense of distinction in their markets,” Wood said. “Our goal was to not only explain our process to these discerning clients, but also convey that we understand their needs on an aesthetic level.”

Showcase amenities, features and more with an array of folding options or use one of your own brochure layouts, like Wood did, wanting to “make a visual statement which is bold and refined, with unconventional square dimensions, [a] full-bleed cover and tactile Soft Touch coating [that] invites people to engage.”


Smartpress was “able to handle unusual product dimensions and full bleed,” as well as provide personalized service, so Wood’s real estate marketing investment was sound.

Real estate calendar magnet

Calendar Magnet: .015 Mil White, 5 x 8″

Real estate flyers

Sell Sheets: 80# Uncoated Smooth, 8.5 x 11″

Show & Tell

Sometimes promoting your spacious sanctuaries and move-in ready residences comes down to the simplest of tactics: real estate handouts. With custom Sell Sheets, Shauna Lantz, director of marketing and design at Arcan Capital, provided “clients and residents a pictorial representation of a particular space or floor plan.”


Featuring a clean layout that’s easy to read, Lantz’s sell sheets can be provided at showings or included as inserts in property information packets. It’s a real estate marketing and advertising angle that’s paid off.

“We live in a vastly digital age where materials need to be available online. However, when communicating with customers in real life, providing high-quality material sets Arcan apart from the competition,” said Lantz. “Refined and sophisticated print material is often neglected [now] but remains critical to engage and inspire our customers.”


As you print For Sale flyers and more, round out your advertising approach with customized Calendar Magnets and Promotional Products. Choose 12 or 18 months and personalize your calendar printing with contact information that sticks with your clients. Then create welcome home and thank you baskets with real estate promotional items like apparel, bags and more. (And all those documents your clients need to sign? Why not give them a branded pen to do so?)

Property Priorities

When devising your online printing plan, remember the biggest asset of all: custom signage. With an array of durable substrates and convenient installation options, our signs and banners are a must-have selling solution.


Try A-Frame Signs outside your business or leading the way to open houses. These sidewalk signs are great for indoor and outdoor use. (Hint: The frames can be filled with water or sand for added stability.) They pair perfectly with Cardstock Signs placed in and around the homes and units you’re showing. Add an easel to these rigid signs to display amenities and features.

Of course, no real estate signage is complete without Yard Signs. Design your own For Sale signs with double-sided printing for double the impact and coordinate your advertising efforts with custom Feather Flags. They both make great directional signage around neighborhoods and complexes.


And finally, draw attention to new builds and developments with custom banners. Create a big, bold message with Hanging Banners on apartment and townhome exteriors and at building sites. Or go where your audience goes with Retractable Banners. These pop-up banners come pre-assembled in their frame, so you can set up for showings, presentations and at kiosks quickly and easily.




Closing Communication

Whether you’re an independent realtor, part of a corporate realty business or development agency, real estate marketing can be a deal maker or breaker. With a custom, creative strategy and high-quality print collateral, every property has potential.



Business Card Design by
Pocket Folder Design by Wemert Group Realty
Saddle Stitch Booklet Design by Cynthia Stansy
Direct Mail Postcard Design by Makayla Virden of BT Creative
Brochure Design by The Modern Brand Co.,LLC, Designed for Tranzon
Sell Sheet Designs by Shauna Lantz for Arcan Properties
A-Frame Design by Hannah Money
Yard Sign Design by Amy Breitag
Cardstock Sign Design by Elisabeth Hindert
Retractable Banner Design by MVO Marketing
Thank You Card, Letterhead, Business Envelope, Hanning Banner, Feather Flag, Car Magnet and Calendar Magnet Designs by Nicole Bullock

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