Jewelry Marketing: 3 Ways to Add Bling to Your Business

Jewelry Marketing: 3 Ways to Add Bling to Your Business

Distinct, polished, stunning. Three words jewelry insiders love to hear about their custom pieces. Do your online printing with Smartpress and you’ll hear them about your jewelry marketing, too. From presentation to promotion to package inserts, see how our three Ps of print marketing advertise more than just accessories. (Oh, and these tips easily translate to any retail industry, regardless of bling or business.)

Two square earring backers printed with Julie Fjell Designs in script lettering in black and white.

Bookmark: 100# uncoated smooth white cover with two die cut 1/8″ holes, 3 x 3″

A custom jewelry backer with a green design, Emerald at the top and a necklace looped around it.

Jewelry Presentation

We all know it’s what’s on the inside that counts – but let’s be honest, the outside matters, too. When it comes to marketing, it matters a lot. Whether customers are browsing in your jewelry store or scrolling your online selection, the presentation is what takes them from first impression to final purchase.


One simple way to stand out? A custom backing card. Essential for accessories of all kinds, jewelry backers should be creative and engaging, but more importantly, represent your brand and the story you’re trying to tell.


Custom Bookmarks helped Julie Fjell, artist and owner of Julie Fjell Designs, do just that. “I’m a small business but still wanted a sleek, professional look,” she said. “I chose the bookmark to adapt [my backers] to because they were the closest in size.”

A premium online printer like Smartpress gave Fjell more customizing options than just size, including paper stocks, drilling options and laser cutting. “I loved that I could personalize my project to the exact size and even add holes to make items easier to attach to the card.”


Debbie Thompson, creator and owner of Tom Design, turned our Premium Business Cards into premium backers for her custom jewelry. “We use these to package our gemstone jewelry [and] feel it takes our jewelry to an upper level of customization,” Thompson said.


Like Fjell, Thompson needed the design freedom that our custom business cards offer. “I love Smartpress’ options and ability to make custom sizes and finishes,” she said. “Each item is customized perfectly for our jewelry packaging needs.”


Hint: Thompson gave her customers a tactile experience with her backers. How? The velvety smooth finish of our Soft Touch laminate. As a customer-focused online printing shop, we make sure they protect your backers while providing a feel unlike any other.

A hand rolling back the corner of a jewelry marketing poster printed with a pink design.

Backlit sign: 34 x 42″

Two free-standing signs printed with River & Ridge and necklaces draped over rocks and green pebbles.

Jewelry Promotion

The second P of jewelry marketing is promotion. After all, what good is your presentation if no one sees it? For a promotional strategy that shines as bright as your products themselves, expand your print assets to include everything from jewelry store signage to product catalogs.


A.JAFFE’s Rose Naves let her custom signs do the talking with our Backlit Signs. Featuring minimal text and a simple color scheme, her in-store marketing let the product have the spotlight. “It’s the most effective way for brands to stand out beautifully indoors or out,” she said.


Part of our wide array of indoor and outdoor signage, Free-Standing Signs are another favorite for in-person promotion. Easy to move around your retail space, these signs include a sturdy base and offer double-sided printing to double the impact of your message.

A hand holding open a jewelry catalog with a saddle stitch binding with Long Live Color on the right page.

Two hands holding a custom printed calendar with a saddle stitch binding and a metalwork necklace on the cover.


Whether you mail them or hand them out, jewelry catalogs are a traditional tactic that continues to pay off. To up your foot traffic or online visitors, think outside the lookbook box like Emilee Bumgarner did. As Audigent’s assistant creative director, Bumgarner explored Saddle Stitch Booklets in an unusual size to promote the Extensible brand.


Bumgarner treated booklets like brochures “to give insights and details about the brand as a whole, as well as showcase the beauty of the jewelry and designs.”


And with pages stapled cleanly through the fold line, a saddle stitch binding with a UV coating was the only way to go. “Saddle stitch provides the most seamless and elegant finish, which is the overall design goal of the piece,” Bumgarner said. “They significantly increase brand awareness.”

Paula McDowell, president of the Alliance for Metal Clay Arts Worldwide (AMCAW), also used saddle stitched books in a non-traditional way – she turned them into wall calendars. Featuring jewelry pieces created by AMCAW members on each month, McDowell’s booklet is a clever way to make the promotional functional.


“AMCAW’S mission is to encourage a flourishing international metal clay community by nurturing artistic and instructional excellence and providing resources to inspire, engage and support artists of all levels,” said McDowell. “This calendar is the essence of this statement.”


Hint: If you’d rather not design a calendar from scratch, check out our Saddle Stitch Calendar product and templates.


With cover and text stock options, Smartpress’ extensive online printing services let you turn custom book printing (and your jewelry marketing) into whatever you want it to be. “The best way to describe the look and feel of our [booklet] is luxurious,” said McDowell.

A jewelry marketing sell sheet showing earrings on display and pricing details for each.

Jewelry Promotion BONUS

Not ready for a full product catalog but still want to provide ample product information? Follow Ruthie Crawford’s lead and design custom Sell Sheets instead. As the owner of Harlow Jewelry, Crawford saw an opportunity to promote her products and stick to her budget at the same time with full-color sell sheet printing.


“I made the sell sheet as an alternative to adding a few pages and reprinting full catalogs at a much higher cost,” Crawford said. “I was able to show my customers my new products with a quick and easy sheet rather than sending a full catalog.”

You can print your own jewelry sell sheets with perforation for instant tear-off coupons or business cards. Or take advantage of shrink wrapping to protect and store your assets until you’re ready to use them.


Two hands holding a product insert printed with six pairs of earrings and Thank You at the bottom.

Two hands holding two business cards printed with Tom Design Shop on one side and contact info on the other.

business card: 100# uncoated smooth white cover with soft touch laminate on both sides, 3.5 x 2″

Jewelry Package Inserts

So you’ve nailed the presentation, the promotion was a huge success, customers are buying – it’s all going according to plan. It’s here that we come to the final P in our jewelry marketing strategy: package inserts.


Easy to slip into shopping bags at the cash wrap or shipping boxes before they’re sent, packaging inserts are the unsung heroes of marketing. For inserts that continue the sale, strengthen brand loyalty and educate your customers, we turn to custom Postcards and Business Cards.


At Smartpress, both of these marketing staples can be personalized by size, stock, finish and more. Meaning? You can create any and all kinds of inserts.

Think product info cards, event announcements, thank yous, loyalty program and contact info, care instructions and samples. (We’ve got even more package insert ideas here.) The possibilities are endless – and so is the ROI potential.


Plus, our business card printing includes magnet and gold, rose gold, silver and holographic foil options to amp up the unboxing experience.


Hint: Want more postcard printing? See how to utilize them for more than just inserts: Postcard Marketing: Creative Ideas to Convert & Connect




Bookmark Design by by Julie Fjell
Business Card Design by Debbie Thompson, Tom Design Shop
Backlit Sign Design by ©A.JAFFE
Freestanding Sign Design by Nicole Jaeckel Sykora at Howard’s Jewelry
Extensible Saddle Stitch Booklet Design by Creative House at Audigent | Dave Arnold | Emilee Bumgarner
AMCAW Saddle Stitch Booklet Design by Evelyn Pelati Dombkowski and Sian Hamilton for the Alliance for Metal Clay Arts Worldwide, Inc. (AMCAW)
Sell Sheet Design by Harlow Jewelry
Postcard Design by Avu Jewelry
Business Card Design by Debbie Thompson, Tom Design Shop

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