Every day Smartpress customers create brilliant print. Printspiration is a curated collection of their work that showcases the very best designs printed at Smartpress. The articles feature detailed photography and commentary from our clients about their projects.

Blazing Boundaries: A Retailer’s Effective Print Marketing Strategy

With the retail industry becoming ever more competitive, how do you blaze your own trail and come out on top? If you’re Nicole Chose, owner and marketing director of The Foursome and Boundary Clothing, you use print to create a new landscape. With direct mail campaigns, storefront signage and personalized engagement, Chose’s print strategy ensures her specialty outdoor activewear store stands out.

Sustainable Strategy: Moka Origins Activates Social Change with Print

Coffee, chocolate and a side of social change? That’s what you get with Moka Origins, a bean-to-bar social enterprise with roots running from a sustainable farm in Africa to a roastery and chocolate factory in Pennsylvania. Operations manager, Mark Larson, says to “spread our mission and create awareness around who we are,” print goes hand in hand with producing superior products and making a serious impact.

No Pain, All Gain: Leverage Jujimufu’s Swole Booklet Strategy

Step foot in any gym and it’s obvious how serious we get about physical health. Jon Call, on the other hand, flips the script on fitness with his own brand of workout, one that’s largely done at home and with humor. Known to over a million Instagram followers as Jujimufu, Call entertains and educates with exercise programs compiled in Spiral Coil Booklets: “I essentially made a career out of something I’d do for free anyway.”

Shredding the Competition: Build a Lookbook Like Burton’s Mine77

Custom lookbooks accomplish crucial goals for your business. They create a visual experience that immerses your client in your product, showcases said product in enticing, persuasive ways and then turns that persuasion into profit. For Kim Smith, Marketing Coordinator at Burton Global, there was one more goal for the Mine77 lookbook: carry on a legacy. It’s a tall order, but one Smith was able to fill with Perfect Bound Books.

Creative Entrepreneurs: How to Profit from Print Online

Specialty. Handmade. Boutique. These are just a few words to describe the work of three creative entrepreneurs’ artisanal prints. Designed with originality and sold online, their products are flying off the proverbial shelves. Whether you’ve got your sights set on big business or starting a side hustle, their industry know-how and insider experience is an invaluable resource you can take to heart and to the bank.

Visual Paradise: Showcase Travel Photography in Perfect Bound Books

Picture this: Hitting the road with nothing but passion in your heart and a camera by your side, capturing breathtaking landscapes and snapping serene vistas. Artist Joshua Rowan doesn’t have to imagine it, he lives it. Wandering the world to locations near and far, Rowan compiles his photography into Perfect Bound Booklets that blend adventure and artistry.

Blooming Business: Turn Passion into Profit with Collated Printing

At its core, art should make you feel something. And for herbalist, gardener and artist Michelle Wallace, the medium that elicits the emotion is the mandala. Created with foraged flowers and leaves, Wallace’s transient nature mandalas leave a lasting impression - both spiritually for her customers and strategically for her business - with Collated Printing.

Immersive Experience: Lookbooks Boost the Bottom Line

Your marketing strategy says a lot about your business. For Found Rentals and their product lookbooks, their strategy very clearly inspires design dreams, compels creativity and encourages their clients to escape. The latest edition, a leisurely trek through magical Morocco, stuns with warm-hued, textured photography highlighting the power of small details. Printed on Smartpress’ Perfect Bound Booklets, these lookbooks are driving sales and creating an undeniably immersive experience.

Play at Home: How an Online Business Profits Using Print

If ever there were a time to have a night in, now would be it. But finding fun things to do in your home isn’t always easy, especially when brick-and-mortar stores have limited hours or are closed completely. Turning the at-home experience into an entertaining and educational one is what Melissa Williams, Vice President of Branding for Night In Boxes, knows very well.

Print Revolution: A Designer’s Small Poster Strategy

Bringing the past into the present is difficult enough without trying to turn a profit at the same time. But if you’re Larry Stuart, owner, designer and illustrator of The Union Archive, it’s your patriotic duty. He’s giving American history an artistic twist, but instead of using a quill, he’s using print, and in place of parchment, a small army of Small Posters.

Taking Flight: How Wings for Kids Uses Print for a Purpose

A business isn’t always about selling a product and making a profit. Sometimes it’s about giving back and making a difference. For Liz Mester, Director of Communications and Engagement for Wings for Kids, it’s about equipping “at-risk kids with the skills they need to succeed in school and thrive in life.” She’s in the business of inspiring, facilitating and educating, and she’s using print to fulfill that important mission.

Rare Talent: Designing a Menu for Red Cow

Rare Talent: Designing restaurant menus takes specialized skill. Evolving kitchen and bar programs, physical abuse, and aesthetics are all factors that Kallsen Studio & Design navigated seamlessly for Minneapolis tavern, Red Cow. “When you do menus, you’re always weighing options.”