Every day Smartpress customers create brilliant print. Printspiration is a curated collection of their work that showcases the very best designs printed at Smartpress. The articles feature detailed photography and commentary from our clients about their projects.

Community Engagement: How Churches are Leveraging Print to Boost Attendance

Smartpress is honored to be the digital printer for hundreds of churches across the nation. Whether you’re a church plant in its fledgling stage or a well-established megachurch, using print allows you to engage with your community and welcome newcomers in a big way. And these same tactics can be translated to businesses and all other organizations. After all, print marketing is about engaging your audience and drawing them in (to check you out).

Designing Joy: The EVEREVE Brand Book

Freelance designer Crystal Jensen on joining the team at fashion brand Evereve to implement a rebrand and communicate it across the organization. “I always tend to lean into the happier side of design.”

Rare Talent: Menu Design for Red Cow

Rare Talent: Designing restaurant menus takes specialized skill. Evolving kitchen and bar programs, physical abuse, and aesthetics are all factors that Kallsen Studio & Design navigated seamlessly for Minneapolis tavern, Red Cow. “When you do menus, you’re always weighing options.”

Designer Gives Drink Menus a New Twist

When designer Angela Kallsen was approached by Minneapolis restaurant Red Rabbit to create a new cocktail menu, she mixed illustration, pattern, and whimsy to serve up a book concept that people can’t wait to drink in.

Adventure Stories Captured by Lens and Told in Print

Cam McLeod is considered one of the country’s best adventure photographers. In his premiere newszine, The Spell of the Yukon, Cam shares a stunning visual narrative taken from a photo assignment commissioned by Columbia Sportswear documenting hikers on a trek through the rugged Yukon terrain.