The Big Reveal: Advertise with the Square Folded Cross

The Big Reveal: Advertise with the Square Folded Cross

Whether your print projects are for business or pleasure, they have to be memorable. And no matter how much the content sings, if the design doesn’t impress, the message gets lost. Enter the Square Folded Cross. Anything but ordinary, this specialty fold is your new printing secret weapon for sending marketing materials, invitations and so much more.

Square Folded Cross

80# Coated Matte White Cover

Eye-Opening Advertising

A designer product from Foldfactory, the Square Folded Cross reveals your content as panel after panel unfolds. That coupled with its square shape, makes it an unexpected, exciting mailing for so many occasions.


It’s for those very reasons Trish Witkowski, award-winning designer and founder of Foldfactory, added the Square Folded Cross to Foldfactory’s product offerings.


“I’m always looking for universal appeal and usefulness. I like formats that are great out of the box but that also have potential for modifications to be able to make them your own,” she said. “The Square Folded Cross exemplifies that idea. It’s a great format that everyone likes and yet I’ve seen it modified a hundred different ways.”

A custom direct mail unfolding to a cross shape with a bright yellow, orange and teal design.

Three pieces of custom direct mail with one unfolded to a cross shape.

100# Coated Gloss White Text

Possibilities Unfold

Invitations, direct mail, greeting cards and marketing collateral are just some of those hundred different ways you can use this fold to woo customers and wow friends and family.


“This format is a superstar for event invitations,” said Witkowski. “It’s also great for self-promotion and higher-value targets for direct mail.”

One especially cool feature of this custom fold? The Square Folded Cross can hold lightweight inserts like Cards and Business Cards. Perfect for putting together multi-piece marketing packages with coupons or promotions, as well as novelty projects with RSVPs or event details, this fold can do it all. (Hint: We can help with kitting and packaging your Square Folded Cross – just request a Custom Quote!)


“I’ve seen some very creative college acceptance packages using this format,” Witkowski said. “The plus shape is unmistakable. It’s an all-around great format: stylish, versatile and impactful.”

Unique mailers

80# Coated Matte White Cover with Flat Matte U/V Coating


Smartpress’ online printing services make it easy for you to customize your fold with premium paper stocks and weight, along with coating options that add a professional finishing touch. After all, personalizing your online printing projects and making them uniquely your own is the whole point of a specialty fold.


“I want designers to see the creative potential and to find powerful ways to communicate with it,” said Witkowsi. “Format choice is all about the delivery of information and how you want people to journey through the content, and the Square Folded Cross always brings the ‘wow’.”


You can even create multiple Square Folded Crosses with our Versions feature, which lets you print various designs with the same stock and finish. It’s a super-handy option for direct mailers with different target audiences and for events with more than one guest list (like for inviting one group to a private wedding ceremony and another to the reception).

A piece of creative direct mail with a square folded cross format and outdoor imagery.

Three square folded cross mailers with Go With Us on green text on the front and address information on the back.

80# Coated Matte White Cover with Flat Matte UV Coating and Mailing Services

The Complete Package

When designing projects with a custom fold like this, Witkowski suggests proofing a mockup to save time during the production process.


“The challenge with designing for a specialty format like this one is that it can be very hard to visualize the opening experience when it’s flat,” she said. “Print out a miniature version of your layout and check your views and alignment before you send it.”

And when it’s time to do that sending, Smartpress ensures the process goes smoothly, handling all your fulfillment needs from list acquisition and processing to addressing and mailing. (Note: Square mailings are hand-sorted and may require additional postage fees.)


For whatever print project you’re creating, getting imaginative with the Square Folded Cross’ plus-shaped format pays off.


“The beauty of it is that there isn’t an industry that can’t leverage [it],” Witkowsi said. “Everybody loves it. EVERYBODY. We always hear that it was a hit and get a lot of reorders, too, so I take that as a sign.”


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Snappy Kraken Square Folded Cross Concept and Design by Snappy Kraken
Naked Winery Square Folded Cross Design by Ave Palguta, the Professional Doodler for Naked Winery
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