Pure Class: Building a Premium Real Estate Print Marketing Strategy
| Posted on 3/29/21

Pure Class: Building a Premium Real Estate Print Marketing Strategy

Builders, developers and architectural firms recognize the sheer importance of showcasing your company’s work in a high-end manner. A proven staple in the real estate industry, print marketing gives potential clients and partners a glimpse into your skills – and thus should reflect the same care and professionalism with which you conduct your business. Your real estate print marketing design will impress customers; Smartpress’ world-class online printing services will establish your commitment to quality.

Custom portfolios lined up in three rows with one laying open in the middle.

Two hands holding a real estate brochure open with more brochures scattered below it.

High-Class Showcase

Custom booklets offer an upscale way to exhibit your skills and previous projects – inherently building trust in your organization. They allow for larger imagery, so you can use this space to create a sophisticated lookbook with glossy pages and beautiful photography.

Booklet printing also provide ample room to list all the information potential clients and partners need to know. Choose your preferred binding and use pages to depict floor plans or describe design amenities. In real estate print marketing, testimonials from satisfied customers are always key, as is a comprehensive overview of your services.

A Saddle Stitch Booklet is cost-effective and easily stackable, whereas a Wire Coil Booklet sets the tone for the highest quality standards.

GD Nielsen Homes, a luxury custom home builder, uses their booklet to showcase their work and build partnerships with architects. Marketing Manager Christine Nielsen says, “It looks great, the colors look great, the image resolution remained. Our team was really impressed with the outcome and we are proud to share this externally.”


Parker Moore, owner of Parker Moore Design, describes how his builder client uses the booklet he designed. “[They] wanted to tell their story – mission, values, process – and make it memorable. We chose a minimal, bold design direction and square aspect ratio to make an impression.”

He goes on to say, “My client and I love it! It’s hitting the intended mark with their customers.”

Real estate print marketing booklets with The Cobb in gold text and images of a rental property on the front.

Distinctive Summary

A brochure is an affordable way to summarize your company’s services, prices and client testimonials. It’s a stylish real estate print marketing asset that potential customers can quickly scan to understand your skills and experience. For online printing, choose from many stocks and textures for a highly professional, customized look.

Leverage our brochure printing options like unique sizes and folds to make a memorable product that will stand out amongst the competition.

One closed presentation folder overlapping another one laying open with a dark and light blue design.

Professional Compilation

Establish your business’ credibility and quality by presenting clients with your marketing materials in a Pocket Folder. This is a fantastic way to consolidate everything into one comprehensive takeaway for customers. We use an attractive premium gloss stock for the cover so your folders will be durable.

Choose to have Business Card slits on either or both sides. Include a Sell Sheet to educate clients on your company bio, services and pricing. We even offer kitting services, where we compile your various print assets into each folder. Reach out for a Custom Quote if you’d like to learn more about this convenient service.

Two real estate direct mail postcards with Modloft in white text and imagery of a dining room table and chairs.
Two hands holding and unfolded tri-fold brochure with real estate imagery and marketing text.

Direct Strategy

Build name recognition and inform the community of your business, expertise or new development. With our Direct Mail Services, Smartpress can effortlessly pull a mailing list for a specific area and send your print project to those potential clients.

From custom postcards to high-class booklets, we offer a variety of options to fit your direct-to-consumer marketing needs.

Two hands on a keyboard and mouse in front of a desktop computer screen with a real estate layout in black and white.

Ease of Use

If you don’t have a designer on staff, simply provide our talented Layout Services team your brand standards and we can design your print product for you. Or do it on your own, and know that as a world-class online printer, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Nielsen says, “It was really easy to do most of the set-up myself. And then when I needed to ask questions, the answers were very clear. I appreciated that when I sent in proofs, the editors made sure to look at every detail and check-in before final publishing.”

When asked what impressed him most about his print experience, Moore states, “The Smartpress process is extremely easy to use. Helpful file templates, easy proof review and order tracking. Premium production and paper quality at an affordable cost.” Effortless and the highest of quality… that’s indeed what we’re going for.


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Pocket Folder design by Solari Creative for Coastal Modular Group
Nicholas Carl Trifold Brochure design by Dena Nord
Cobb Tri-Fold Brochure design by Blanton Turner
3Points Durham Cards design by Kate Blackman
GD Nielsen Booklet design by Christine Nielsen, GD Nielsen Homes
Builders’ Studio of Sebastopol booklet design by Parker Moore of parkermooredesign.com
L&L Construction Booklet Graphic Design & Photography by DiGuiseppi Studios
Sands Construction design by Jessica Carroll, Fancy Creative
Modloft mailer by Modloft.com

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