Custom Branding: Print Labels, Stickers & Decals for Products & Packaging

When it comes to marketing and custom branding, it’s all about getting your message to stick. And whether that message communicates your entrepreneurial vision or a strategic sell, our custom Labels, Decals and Stickers adhere to any advertising strategy. Print your own for product packaging, seals for envelopes or personalized gifts and ensure your branding doesn’t budge.

Custom branding

White Polypropylene – Permanent, 3/8″ Rounded Corners, 3 x 3″

Labels for Products

No matter how far we venture down the digital road, there’s still no replacement for an actual label on your actual product. And with the option to design yours in any shape and size, as well as choose between sheets or rolls, our label printing suits your specific project needs. For Matt Johnston, founder of Stoble Coffee, that project was product labels that engage and educate.


“We use the labels to help give customers information on our specific coffee, so people can learn about the origin and the flavor notes,” Johnston said. “For some customers, it’s really important to know where their coffee comes from, so these labels are an important part of our packaging.”

Product labels

Crack ‘n’ Peel – 60# Matte White, 6 x 2.75″, Belly Band shown

Packaging labels

Crack ‘n’ Peel Label – 60# Matte White, 3 x 6, Kiss Cut Single

Packaging stickers

White Polypropylene – Permanent, 4×6″



Ideal for everything from wine and beer bottles, to handmade soaps and candles, to baking mixes and jams in mason jars, to name tags, return addresses and product disclaimers, labels do wonders for your workflow. And if you’re Ben Roberts, U.S. Marketing Director for Kebony North America, they drive sales, too.


“Labels go on the back of our samples, which we ship all over the country,” Roberts said. Samples of Kebony’s sustainable wood being “a huge part of reaching new architects and builders,” Roberts knew the labels had to represent their values.


“It’s very important that the quality of the label matches the quality of the product. Our labels enhance the sample experience instead of being a distraction,” he said.


Hint: Dive even deeper into printing product labels here: Leave Your Mark: How to Print Labels for Products & Packaging.

Custom stickers

White Polypropylene – Permanent, 2 x 2″, Kiss Cut Sheet

Branded stickers

Crack ‘n’ Peel – 60# Matte White, 2.5 x 2.5″, Kiss Cut Sheet

Stickers for
Branding & Crafting

Just as Roberts uses labels as part of Kebony’s bigger branding picture, so too can you with custom stickers. Not just for special events, product promotions and giveaways, personalized stickers are practical essentials for service contact information, safety notices and envelope seals, too.


As part of Smartpress’ online printing services, you can print your own stickers with removable or permanent polypropylene stocks that adhere to glass, plastic, stainless steel and more. Or take Director of Art and Marketing at Mojotone Andrew Kane Harris’ route and choose our Crack ‘n’ Peel stock with its matte finish.

Custom packaging

Crack ‘n’ Peel – 60# Matte White, 6.5 x 7″

Packaging labels


“These things stocked on our shelf look amazing,” said Harris. “The matte finish is always both literally and figuratively the perfect finishing touch to give it a professional appearance.”


Also available on labels like Harris’, Crack ‘n’ Peel features a split-back liner that makes removal simple. “The staff appreciates the crack and peel backing since all of the labels are applied by hand,” said Harris.


Great for branding and business collateral, sticker printing, of course, can be used for fun personal projects, too, from holiday gift tags to personalized scrapbooking and crafting supplies.

Custom branded stickers

White Polypropylene – Permanent, 2.3 MIL, 3 x 3″, Kiss Cut Sheet

Custom product labels

Crack ‘n’ Peel – 60# Matte White, 8 x 1″, Kiss Cut Sheet

Decals for
Marketing Collateral

While labels and stickers provide promotion in the hands of your customers, custom decals send a marketing message on the go. Whether you’re creating business decals for your car or retail hour decals for your storefront, Smartpress is the online printer that ensures your communication is clear.


And just like labels and stickers, decal printing is totally customizable with full-color, black or unique white ink printing, so you can tailor your design to your needs. Color played an important role for Harris, as he envisioned a “vintage Americana look,” while Maritza Cruz of Mariposa Essence went for a distinct black-only design for her product labels.

With botanical illustrations by Yevheniia, Cruz “wanted to create a cohesive, vintage, black and white packaging design for our hand and foot balm collection that fits our brand,” she said. “Customers find the final product aesthetically appealing, of high quality and love to display the product in their spaces.”


Roberts, too, needed the right color to shed light on his campaign. “[Smartpress’] color consistency is very impressive,” he said. “I’ve used printers in the past, and each print run [had] a variation in color shades.”


Ideal for bright parking permits, engaging political promotion and memorable advertising, decals do more than decorate.

Design Tips

  • Design your labels, stickers and decals with digital laser cutting to create custom shapes like business logos.
  • Choose between a roll of labels or sheets of them. They’re the same great quality with endless uses. You just get to decide on the “storage and application” method!
  • Add finishing options like numbering for inventory barcodes, rounded corners for a softer look and shrink wrapping to keep your labels, stickers and decals stored safely until you need to use them.
  • Choose between gloss and matte laminate for a protective layer that adds longevity and durability.




Stoble Label Design by Matt Johnston, Stoble Coffee
Jazz in the streets Label Design by Sarah Reed, Dodeline Design
Apothecary Chocolate Label Designs by Jason Hendricks
Kebony Label Design by Kristian Alveo for Kebony North America
Saint Minneapolis Stickers Designs by Derek Bolden | Owner | Saint Minneapolis
KubeCon Sticker Design by
AV10C Speaker Box Sticker Design by Andrew Kane Harris for Mojotone
Spirit Night Decal Design by MVO Marketing
Mariposa Essesence Label Art Direction and Design by Maritza Cruz
Farewell Milwaukee Sticker Design by Aaron Markson
Lake Street Sticker Design by Visit Lake Street / Ricardo Levins Morales
Popcorn Label Design by Rachel Schoenholz for Scott’s Orchard
Mole Sticker Design by Jinji Fraser

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