Introducing Rose Gold Foil: Add Allure to Print Marketing & More

Ready to have your print projects flash before your eyes? With our NEW rose gold foil, that’s literally going to happen. Its warm pink-copper color adds can’t-miss character to print marketing and personal projects alike. It’s now available on all of our Foil Printing products, plus three NEW ones: Foil Postcards, Foil Brochures and Foil Bookmarks. You asked for them, we delivered.

Rose gold foil

Romantic Rose

Stylish and elegant, rose gold foil adds an unmistakably refined look to any project. Formerly one of our most popular Custom Quotes, this color’s now available right at your fingertips!


Whether you use it as an accent on scripted lettering or want a full flood of brilliant, coppery blush color, rose gold commonly symbolizes luxury, affluence, and on jewelry, love. So, what does that mean for online printing?

Well, for one, it’s a perfect match with Foil Wedding Invitations. And for two, it sends a polished professional message to business partners and clients on Foil Cards and Foil Business Cards.


No matter how you employ this discerning detail, it’s precision personified with our innovative Sleeking™ technique. Unlike traditional stamping, this type of foil printing ensures the foil adheres to the ink and not the paper, resulting in a shinier, more vibrant appearance. (It’s like 24K gold versus 10K.) Plus, it won’t create indentations on your paper like stamping.


Hint: Get the facts on foil printing and more design tips: Custom Foil Printing.

Rose gold foil printing

Rose gold foil postcard: C2S 14pt with soft touch laminate on both sides, 4 x 6″

Foil brochures

rose gold foil trifold brochure: C1S 14pt with soft touch laminate on foil side, 11 x 8.5″

Foil bookmarks

rose gold foil bookmark: C1S 14pt with soft touch laminate on foil side, 2 x 8″

All That Glitters

While rose gold foil is the star of the show, three NEW foil products are coming along for the ride. As your online printing shop, we’re not holding anything back. Just like rose gold, these products have been consistently popular Custom Quote projects, so we’re making them easier to design, order and print.


While custom postcards, brochures and bookmarks might not be new to your marketing collateral, Foil Postcards, Foil Brochures and Foil Bookmarks certainly are. All three are advertising and promoting staples. But with foil in rose gold, yellow gold, silver or holographic, they magnify your messages and instantly engage with any audience.

Get creative with postcard printing and design your own package inserts with product details, how-to or care instructions or branding information. Design custom brochures that showcase your entire team or seasonal services. Try bookmark printing with branded colors and your company logo for top-of-mind recognition.


As an online printer focused on the customer experience, we’ve put together a few tips for adding foil to these new products on the block:


Foil Postcards

  • Foil Postcards aren’t meant to be mailed due to the velvety Soft Touch laminate that automatically covers the side with foil. (Soft Touch laminate cannot be sent through mail processing machines.)
  • We do not recommend writing on Soft Touch laminate, which is why these make perfect packaging inserts.
  • If you’d like to mail a piece with foil, our Foil Invitations or Foil Wedding Invitations are great options since they come with matching envelopes.

Foil Brochures

  • When brochure printing, note that Soft Touch laminate doesn’t allow more than two folds to lay flat. So we recommend the following fold options: single fold, gate, tri-fold or Z-fold.
  • To prevent cracking, we recommend avoiding a full flood of foil or foil on the fold itself.

Foil Bookmarks

  • Add a drill hole to your custom bookmarks to add some fun to your function. Just slip a tassel or ribbon through the hole to complete the presentation.
  • We recommend rounded corners for a truly special touch.

Foil printing

New & Improved

In the midst of this foil frenzy, we’ve made one other change you’ll notice as you explore our online printing services. We’d be remiss to leave out the OG foil product that started it all for us: Foil Business Cards.


To make your experience more streamlined, we’ve consolidated Gold Foil Business Cards, Silver Foil Business Cards and Holographic Foil Business Cards into one simple product (and added rose gold, of course). You’ll now find them all under Foil Business Cards.


Hint: If you’ve printed custom business cards with foil in the past, you’ll still be able to find your previous orders in your account – so reordering is a breeze. We’ve changed things on our end but yours stays the same.

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