Hello, Shine: Introducing Foil Greeting Cards

Opening your mailbox to find a greeting card is a rare occurrence in our digital world. It’s a personal touch that goes above and beyond standard expectations. So make it extra special with our Foil Greeting Cards that put shine into the salutation, whether for friends and family or clients and customers.

Gold foil greeting cards
Custom foil printing


In gold, rose gold, silver or holographic foil, our custom cards get their eye-catching bling from an online printing process called Sleeking™. Unlike stamping, the foil adheres only to the printed ink and not to the paper, making it easy to create personalized cards at a budget-friendly price.


And no matter how you choose to use foil printing, it simply blows metallic ink out of the water with superior color you can see. Gold gives any card a luxurious touch, while rose gold softens your sentiments, silver provides a clean shine and holographic radiates a unique rainbow.


Printed on a semigloss stock with coating on one side, Foil Greeting Cards feature our Soft Touch laminate, which makes them velvety soft yet tear-resistant with an intriguing sheen. It’s a finish that comes standard and adds an unforgettable feel. (Hint: Use the uncoated side to write personal notes without smudging or denting.)

Holographic foil printing
Holographic foil cards

Foil for Any Occasion

Investing in greeting card printing helps build relationships of all kinds, both business and personal. Whether you’re sending holiday cards with seasonal wishes, thank you cards to friends or clients or just staying connected to employees in your company, Foil Greeting Cards instill generosity in the gesture – and can lead to significant returns.

Take advantage of our online printing services and explore the design possibilities:

  • Add a subtle accent of foil to highlight typography, a message or part of your illustration.
  • Use a heavy flood of foil and allow the paper to show through, revealing your design in the negative space.
  • Create a multi-piece marketing package and include a Foil Business Card.
  • Coordinate custom stationery with our other Foil Printing products.

Print your own silver foil cards
Custom foil cards

Illuminating Possibilities

As a world-class online printer, Smartpress lets you make your own cards however you like. Want to try a different stock or coating? How about a different color foil? Want to feature foil on other products like Announcements or booklet covers? We can accommodate that, too. Just use our Custom Quote feature – it makes customizing your projects so simple.


Add bling to your best wishes and send high-end hellos with foil today!


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