Silicone Edge Graphics: High-Impact Eye Candy for Office Art & Marketing

Your work environment directly affects your customers, guests and employees. If it’s drab and mundane, productivity and attitude will follow suit. Instead of generic stock photos in traditional frames, create a compelling space that inspires, motivates and excites with silicone edge graphics. With custom designs and a simple setup, this high-impact eye candy boosts morale and markets brilliantly.

Silicone edge graphics

backlit SEG

Communicating in Color

SEGs, or silicone edge graphics, are all about color. And when it comes to online printing, the brighter and more eye-catching the better. Office artwork needs to wow and captivate customers and staff as soon as they walk in – it sets the tone of your brand and work environment before you even say a word.


From stunning landscapes to product close-ups, Smartpress’ online printing services produce a high-end look no matter what imagery you use. The fabric wall graphics for SEGs are printed with a high-resolution dye-sublimation process. Since it’s fabric, the result is a super vibrant, saturated print. No bland shades and neutral tones here.

Whether you need a centerpiece for your office or want multiple images placed throughout your space, this printing process accommodates big, bold colors, large-scale graphics and complex images. In fact, we recommend using highly-detailed artwork to experience the full magnitude of just how impressive SEGs can be.


DESIGN TIP: When choosing your imagery, keep in mind it must extend beyond what will appear within the SEG frame – this ensures there’s enough room for sewing of the fabric. While this depends upon the size of the frame you choose, there’s no need to worry: We have templates for each of our six sizes that indicate how much additional material is needed for sewing and bleed requirements.

SEG printing


Custom wall graphics

Image pulled from portfolio booklet by Max Kellly

Here, There and

Custom wall graphics send a message in your office, yes, but they’re also essential for making an impression in so many other environments. Our SEGs are available in various sizes, can be installed horizontally or vertically, free-standing and even suspended from the ceiling.


Think outside the marketing box with imagery of logos, mottos and products for POP displays, industry expos and trade shows. Use branded artwork from brochures or booklets and blow them up for storefront graphics. SEGs create the atmosphere you want with themed imagery for company events, retail environments, even airports, arenas and museums.


One area you probably haven’t thought of? Your own home. SEGs make great backdrops for video meetings and conferences in your work-from-home space, too.

Backlit wall graphics

backlighting behind the SEG

Backlit office art


Your Display, Your Way

As an online printer, Smartpress is synonymous with customizing. Whatever project you can think of, we can print. And thanks to our team of print experts, that includes SEGs. Don’t see your idea on the product page? Reach out for a Custom Quote. After all, your office wall art should reflect you and your company, and what could be more personal than that?


Choose from our six standard sizes or explore even more options through Custom Quote, from small tabletop displays to supersized wall murals. And just because you go bigger, doesn’t mean installation gets harder. Our custom frames use connectors capable of expanding to virtually any length.


Get them in the traditional rectangular style or get creative and stand out with curved, triangular and other geometric shapes.


SEGs set the mood with backlighting. Mounted with LED (24V) energy-efficient lights, backlighting turns an SEG into a cross between a digital monitor and fine artwork. Get it through Custom Quote and decide where to place the lights: enhance your imagery with brightness and add drama with contrast to where its impact will be seen and felt most.


Try lights along the edges of the frame or throughout the whole back panel to create an illuminated presentation. If your image has a prominent light source, any amount of backlighting brings it to life, looking even more stunningly realistic. Just remember to consider electricity access when determining the placement of your SEG.


Our standard 1” SEG frame is made from recyclable aluminum, but you can employ a Custom Quote to add a frame that matches your decor. Choose from different finishes or protective anodizing or powder coatings. Even add feet for more stability in free-standing applications.

SEG hardware
Wall graphic installation

Installing Inspiration

For as striking and spectacular as SEGs look, their installation is refreshingly simple. Seriously! Whether hanging on a wall, standing on their own or displayed from the ceiling, SEGs are easy to put together, move around and take down – no additional tools required.

Each one includes corner brackets and an Allen key to build and mount the frame. Slipping the fabric and its silicone edge into the frame takes no time at all. (Still not convinced? Check out the simple steps here.)


Custom office art


When it’s time to refresh and replace your graphics, we can help with that, too. The fact is, SEGs are too jaw-dropping to stick to just one image. Essential for your marketing strategy and creating an experience within your environment, SEG Replacement Graphics are customizable to fit your existing frame and let you change your display in minutes. It’s an innovative way to change your environment (and marketing strategy) economically and beautifully.


And what to do with the graphic you’re replacing? Thanks to the fabric, it’s machine washable and easily rolled and stored for future use.


SEGs: Taking the “work” out of work-of-art.


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