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About Direct Mail

Our online printing experts, along with the information on these pages, ensure the accuracy and success of your direct mail print jobs. Please keep in mind that all delivery dates are estimates and not guarantees. Smartpress.com is not liable for performance failures by the USPS. As an online printer, our responsibility ends when we deliver the final materials to the post office.

Mailing Design Guidelines: Use our online printing services to design your direct mail online with adequate space for postal regulations and find layout guides for various projects.

Mailing and Addressing Services: Learn about our fulfillment services, from variable data addressing to mailing permits.

List Processing: Read about our list processing options and find the one that’s right for your direct mail project.

Mailing Lists – NCOA & PAF: Learn how to keep your mailing lists current when recipients change their addresses.

Know Your Mailing Audience: Consider these tips when targeting your mailing audience.

Purchasing a List: Read how we can help you reach a reliable list of recipients with your mailing.

Postcard Marks, Smudges & Scratches: Find out why these marks may appear and how to guard against them.

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