The Smartpress Story

Smartpress has been an online printer since 2009. But our story actually begins nine years prior to the launch.

The Smartpress Standard

Before Smartpress was imagined, we were cutting our teeth on providing print services for many of the most prestigious brands in the world. We had to hold our work to insanely high standards. We had to execute flawlessly. We had to "wow" our customers with service and continually earn their loyalty. These principles became ingrained traits of our people. These traits became the DNA of our company.

Continuous Improvement

We were growing and growing fast. Things were great. Yet there was a little voice saying there were so many people who deserve better print and a better print-buying experience. The voice whispered that we should open up our printing capabilities to the world through state-of-the-art online printing. That voice was actually our founder's voice. We listened and got to work.

From Retail to Online Printing

We got busy imagining what our future customers would need to execute their print projects through an online printer. They would need instant quoting that isn't limited to standard sizes and configuration. They would need open communication about their order with our expert staff. They would need to efficiently move through a proofing process and be in the loop on job status through shipping. Then we got busy building our own proprietary print-management platform around these needs.

In late 2009, we launched We applied our established values of customer service, execution and quality. We gained many insights from our customers and continued to build our platform to meet new customer needs. We grew and we grew fast.

Always Moving Forward

Today we operate out of two print production facilities in Chanhassen, Minnesota that house our ever-expanding fleet of large- and small-format presses, as well as our robust bindery and finishing capabilities. We continue to invest in the best online printing services and capabilities in the world. And our print-management platform enables our customers to create brilliant print.