List Processing

Level: medium

As an online printer, Smartpress makes list processing easy. We can use your existing mailing lists or we can help you purchase a custom list to reach the customer base that’s best for your business.

Pricing for List Processing

Pricing for mail fulfillment services with list processing assumes you will provide a clean data file and address list that’s properly set up in the recommended format. Reference our Mailing List Template to make sure your list is set up properly.

If your file is not set up properly, we will ask that you do so before we begin work on it. If you need help, we can set up your file for you for an additional fee.

Uploading and Ordering

Our online printing services let you upload your list along with your art file when ordering your job. If you do not have your list available at the time of ordering, please use the same file upload tools you used to upload your art files to your order.

You can access the upload tools any time by logging in to your account at and going to “My Orders.”

List File Formats

We accept data files in just about any format including CSV, TXT, XLS (Excel) and DBF. See our Mailing List Template for help with this. We also have a Variable Data Personalization Template for customizing your lists before online printing.

For more accurate order processing, please delete any data from the file that is not necessary for mailing purposes before uploading your mailing list.

NCOA Acknowledgement Form for List Processing

For any option containing list processing, please download and fill out the top portion of this NCOA Acknowledgement Form. Once complete, upload the form along with all other art and mailing list files. The NCOA Acknowledgement Form is valid for up to one year from the date you sign. It’s not necessary to re-sign it for every job you submit until that year is up.

Please note, your mailing list(s), while in the possession of Smartpress, are your exclusive property and shall be used only with your instructions. Your mailing list(s) will not be sold or offered for use to any other party and Smartpress will not utilize the list for any other purpose.