Payment Options

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Print payment options

At Smartpress, we’re focused on you, the customer, so we offer a variety of payment options for your project. Note: All prices and amounts shown on this site are in U.S. Dollars (USD) unless otherwise noted.

If you submit a request on the site to purchase online printing products, mailing services, design services or other services, you agree that all charges, taxes and shipping and handling fees will automatically be charged to your credit card or paid by you with an approved payment method.

Payment Options

  • We require each order to be fully paid, including shipping and handling fees, if applicable, before we begin an order.
  • Payment is collected at the time of order.
  • Once the proof for a print job has been approved by the customer, no changes are allowed to the artwork files, job characteristics or printing turnaround time.
  • Delays in online printing services due to failure to approve a proof is your responsibility and is not subject to a refund.

Split Payments

  • One of our most convenient payment options.
  • We can customize an amount for your project for the first transaction to generate an order number.
  • Please contact your sales representative to initiate this process.
  • We will send you a manual credit card form to fill out to process the second portion.
  • No file preparation, proofing or printing will take place until we have received payment in full.

Credit Cards We Accept

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If you have questions about payment options or any of our other services, please contact customer service and chat with one of our experts.

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