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Printing Basics

Want to print something but don’t know where to begin? Wondering about paper stocks and how to choose the best one? Before you place your online printing order, check out these printing basics and learn all you need to know.

Online Printing for the First Time: New to printing? Here’s what you need to know.

Printing Methods 101: Find the best method for your online printing project.

PPI, DPI & Image Resolution: Learn about pixels and find the best image resolution for your next project.

Dot Patterns: Find out how dot patterns affect your images.

Color Space: Read more about the Smartpress color process.

Digital Color vs. Print Color: Learn about why colors can vary across mediums.

Black vs. Full-Color Ink: Find out which one is best for your project.

The Difference Between Toner and Ink: Learn more about these two inks.

Dye Sublimation Printing: Read about this ink technique and projects you can design with it.

Ink Technology: Aqueous, Latex, UV Ink and More: Learn about our impressive large format inks and what print projects pair best with them.

Bleed & Borders: Set up your next file for an online printer with the correct bleed and borders.

Cutting Tolerance for Print: How to account for cutting on your print file.

How to Print with Crossover: Tips for aligning spread content across the spine of a booklet.

Page Creep: Read all about creep and how to adjust for it.

Print Fonts: Learn more about font types.

Small Format Paper Stocks: Check out all the small format paper stocks we offer.

Coated Paper Stocks vs. Uncoated Paper Stocks: Find out which stock type is best for your project.

Recycled Paper Stocks: Learn about our eco-friendly paper options.

Text Weight vs. Cover Weight: See which paper weight is best for your project.

Banner Materials & Sign Substrates: Check out all the large format materials we offer.

Acrylic vs. PETG: Learn about these common substrates.

Fabric Backdrops vs. Vinyl Backdrops: Read about these two backdrop options.

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