Purchasing a Mailing List

Level: basic
Purchasing a mailing list for direct mail

Purchasing a mailing list is a great way to find new customers who fall within your target demographic. When preparing your list for an online printing project like a direct mail campaign, we can help you:

  • Determine the type of list that will best fit your marketing needs
  • Determine the quantity that fits your budget
  • Purchase the list

Purchasing a Mailing List by Demographic

Our online printing services help you narrow down and reach your audience by demographics like:

  • Age range
  • Gender
  • Income level
  • Geography
  • Education level

Types of Mailing Lists to Purchase


  • Targeted by geography (city, state, zip, etc.)
  • Filtered by demographic (age, income, homeowners, etc.)
  • Includes contact name


  • Targeted by geography only (generally zip code and carrier route)
  • We can target by median income by carrier route.
  • These are “saturation” lists used to blanket entire areas with your mailing
  • Addressed to “Resident”
  • Allows for lower postage rates depending on quantity mailed


  • Targeted by zip code and/or apartment name
  • Used to mail to all residents within specific apartment/condo complexes


  • Targeted based on geography (city/state/zip/etc)
  • Also targeted by a variety of demographics (employee size, year it began, etc.)
  • Target by industry or SIC codes

Purchasing a mailing list is an easy way to get a reliable list of recipients, increasing the potential for customer retention and return-on-investment. Read more about direct mail, what to do with returned mail or contact us to get started!