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Soft Touch Laminate

When it comes to making an impression that lasts, there’s no better finish than our Soft Touch laminate. No matter what project you’re designing for online printing, Soft Touch takes it to a new, professional and sensory level.

Before you upload your print-ready file to an online printer, take a look at these Soft Touch facts. (Hint: Find it in the Laminating dropdown on the product pages.)


  • Laminate adds protection to print projects
  • Long-lasting and stands up to daily wear and handling
  • Makes projects tear-resistant
  • Mitigates cracking on folds and booklet spines
  • More durable than liquid-based aqueous or UV coatings
  • Adds a soft and velvety smooth feel


Tips & Tricks

  • We do not recommend adding Soft Touch to items you’ll be mailing, as the laminate can’t be sent through mail processing machines.
  • It’s automatically added to our foil products. Soft Touch protects your custom foil printing, whether it’s a few silver accents or a full flood gold background.


Perfect for marketing materials and personal projects alike, our Soft Touch laminate is a finish that never fails. Interested in other finishes? Check out our UV coatings, too.

Learn more: Soft Touch Laminate: A Premium Finish with a Velvet Feel

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