Recycled Paper Stocks

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Recycled paper stocks

As you design your business cards, custom booklets or entire direct mail campaigns, you may wonder about the environmental impact of all that online printing. Let’s face it, we still need printed materials, but we don’t need to print them carelessly. Enter recycled paper stocks.

As an eco-friendly printer, Smartpress is committed to sustainable business practices that benefit our community and the customers we serve, and that includes offering recycled paper stocks.

Not only good for personal invitations and custom stationery, sustainable printing can be implemented for promotional calendars, even advertising posters, to boost your business reputation, too.

How Recycled Paper is Made

So how does all this recycling work for an online printer like Smartpress? To turn used paper into new paper, you need to bring water and chemicals into the mix – they break down the used paper.

The paper is then cut up and heated, which creates an organic plant material known as pulp. That pulp goes through a straining process to remove any particles (like plastic), is cleaned, removed of any ink, gets bleached and mixed once more with water.

It’s then made into brand new recycled paper.

Our Recycled Paper Stocks

Smartpress makes it easy for you to make eco-friendly choices with recycled paper that’s completely or partially certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

FSC certified paper originates from forests that are responsibly managed, so you never have to worry about environmental, social or economic ethics.

Uncoated 100% Recycled – White

  • White paper stock with a few flecks and fibers (compared to many other recycled papers)
  • Brightness: 96
  • Chlorine-free
  • Acid-free for added archival quality
  • 100% post-consumer waste recycled fiber
  • FSC certified
  • Great for conscientious designers with sustainability in mind

Uncoated 40% Recycled – Hemp

  • Uncoated stock
  • Made of 30% hemp fibers, 40% recycled fibers and 30% FSC certified virgin pulp
  • Sourced sustainably through conscious growing practices
  • Available on many products, including Premium Business Cards, Rack Cards, Bookmarks, Cards and more. If you don’t see it in the dropdown on the product page, you can request a Custom Quote for your project.

Felt Weave – White and Natural

  • Uncoated stock with a sophisticated felt text and cover finish
  • Great option for even the most challenging finishing techniques
  • Non-directional pattern is the perfect canvas for four-color imagery
  • Chlorine-free
  • 30% FSC certified post-consumer fiber
  • Great for Wedding Invitations and Greeting Cards

Linen – White and Natural

  • Uncoated stock with timeless linen and texture
  • Rich surface pattern allows for excellent printability
  • Chlorine-free
  • 30% FSC certified post-consumer fiber
  • Great for personal stationery, Announcements and custom Invitations

Uncoated – Black

Uncoated Smooth – Natural

  • Uncoated stock with a warm white color and light, creamy matte look
  • Cannot be finished with UV coating
  • Chlorine-free
  • 10% FSC certified post-consumer recycled
  • Manufactured using non-polluting renewable energy
  • Great for booklet covers or interior pages, Brochures and Reception Cards

Other Eco-Friendly Paper Stocks

We also offer other eco-friendly paper choices that aren’t FSC certified but still decrease your carbon footprint.

Kraft – Speckletone

  • Coated stock with visible flecks and shives that offers a timeless look with character
  • 100% recycled content with 30% from post-consumer waste
  • Made with 100% green hydropower and processed chlorine-free
  • Due to the nature of the paper, ink-free design areas will appear as the brown paper stock color
  • Great for Greeting Cards and custom booklet covers

Other Eco-Friendly Products

Smartpress also offers sustainable substrates on many of our custom signs. Part of our wide range of online printing services, Cardstock Signs and Honeycomb Cardboard Signs help you create a green advertising strategy.

If you’re wondering about other socially responsible sign materials, contact us via Custom Quote, and we’ll work with you to print your project.

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