Envelope Printing FAQ

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A hand holding a stack of business envelopes with the address for a senior living facility in the left corner.

Have a question about printing custom Envelopes or Business Envelopes? Check out these envelope printing FAQ and learn about our sizes, paper stocks, mailing options and more.

What’s the difference between Business Envelopes and Envelopes?

Our Business Envelopes are ideal for business communication and marketing collateral and offer sizes and mailing options that suit those needs. Our Envelopes are perfect for cards, invitations and announcements and offer sizes and mailing options that fit those, too.

What sizes are available?

We offer business envelopes for online printing in a wide variety of sizes to suit your mailing needs, from standard #10 envelopes to remittance envelopes, open side envelopes and more.

Our custom envelopes come in a variety of sizes to suit your invitations, announcements and cards, including A1, A2, A6 and A7. Learn more: Understanding Envelope Sizes

What paper stocks are available?

Our business envelopes are available in white wove stock. The standard for business envelopes, it offers a crisp look and professional feel.

Four business envelopes in various sizes with their name, dimensions and available paper stock.

Our envelopes are available in a wide variety of stocks, including textured and smooth options, plus recycled, Kraft and more. Learn more: Small Format Paper Stocks, Coated Paper Stocks vs. Uncoated Paper Stocks, Recycled Paper Stocks

Four envelopes in various sizes with their name, dimensions and available paper stocks.

What type of seal do the envelopes have?

Our envelopes feature standard adhesive glue.

What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity for envelopes is 10, with the maximum quantity all the way up to 10,000. For quantities outside this range, you can request a Custom Quote.

Can I print on the front and back of my envelope?

Yes. You can add content to both sides of your envelopes in black or full-color ink with the Printing on the Front and Printing on the Back dropdowns on the product page. Learn more: Black vs. Full-Color Ink

What mailing and addressing options are there?

As a premium online printer, we make mailing and addressing easy with the following options:

  • Variable Data Addressing
  • Variable Data Addressing and List Processing
  • Return Addressing Only (Offered on envelopes only.)
  • Full Mailing Service – Standard Rate
  • Full Mailing Service – First Class Rate

With envelopes, you can also choose the placement and font of your return address. Learn more: Mailing and Addressing Services

Are there guidelines I should follow for mailing?

Yes. We lay out all the design guidelines you should follow to ensure your envelopes are accepted and processed by the postal service, including dimensions for text and imagery, return address placement and more. Learn more: Envelope Mailing & Design Guidelines

Will the color of my envelopes match my letters, letterheads or other printed pieces?

The envelope color may differ from other products, as they are printed on a different digital press.

Can I create envelopes with different logos and designs in the same order?

Yes. With our Versions feature, you can print various designs to differ content on multiple envelopes. For this online printing service, the designs can change but your envelopes must be the same size and finish. Learn more: Versions

If you have questions about any of these envelope printing FAQ or other printing services, please contact customer service.