Design with Canva: Create & Print Using This Easy Graphic Design Platform

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At Smartpress, your printing experience is our priority – and we just made it even better. We’ve partnered with Canva to bring you the most intuitive, easy to use and simple graphic design platform out there. When you design with Canva, you get online printing templates, images, graphics and more – it’s a game-changer for professional designers and novices alike.





A Perfect Print Platform

So what is Canva exactly? Well, with Canva, you get to design your projects right on the Smartpress website. It’s available on many of our products, so just look for the teal Canva logo on our product pages.   


When your designs are powered by Canva, you still get Smartpress’ high-quality materials, world-class service and sustainable approach to business. You just happen to also get premade graphic design templates and tools – instead of starting from scratch with your own design software. Talk about convenient!





On a mission to “empower everyone to design anything with every ingredient on every device in every language,” Canva is the world’s fastest growing online design platform, with more than 30 million monthly active users across 190 countries. 


And with a simple drag-and-drop interface, it’s no wonder. They even provide access to millions – that’s right, millions – of free, customizable creative elements, including stock photography, font libraries, illustrations, graphics, templates, icons and graph styles.


This comprehensive content library lets you create unique designs, while fun tutorials and guides on each product’s editor ensure help is just a click away. All that paired with a premium online printer like Smartpress lets anyone take an idea and create something beautiful.

Design with Canva
Simple graphic design platform

Design for Everyone

With thousands of templates, Canva truly is a creator’s dream, regardless of how much design experience or knowledge you have. Whether you run your own business, are a freelance designer or simply like personalizing your own stationery, you can do it all quickly and easily.


Not a Designer?

Not a problem. Canva helps you create your print projects with a huge variety of assets to choose from. 

  • Business owners and nonprofits:
    • Comb through the catalog of photography, graphics and templates to create a unique design that brings your brand or campaign to life.
    • Leverage marketing templates for business printing essentials like business cards, flyers, brochures, event posters and fundraiser invites to boost sales, awareness and attendance.
  • Consumers and non-professionals:
    • Use Canva to design personalized invitations, greeting cards, custom postcards and more.
    • Explore templates for weddings, holidays, birthdays, graduations, even housewarming events and happy hours.
    • Upload your own photos and take advantage of graphic elements like icons and shapes, plus fonts and texts of every color and size.

Already a Designer? 

Then you’re already ahead of the game. Dive into Canva’s intuitive interface, get a feel for its drag-and-drop format and watch how quickly the inspiration hits. This is one online graphic design tool you’ll be glad to add to your artistic arsenal for easy, speedy assets.




Step into Simplicity

We’ve said it’s easy to design with Canva, but can you really create and print something in just a few clicks? Do you really just select a template, background, fonts and filters, images and that’s it? See for yourself: 






Step 1: Choose your product. You can do this two ways:

  • Simply click on “Design Online” in the top navigation of Smartpress’ website to choose from all the products available with Canva.
  • Or on the product page, click the teal circle that says Design Online with Canva. This will take you to the Design Online page where you can choose your product.


Step 2: Choose the product size (if applicable).


Step 3: Log in or register.

  • Logging in or registering means your design will be saved to your Smartpress account. This allows for easy access to saved projects.
  • If you already have a Canva account, you will not be able to access it (or designs saved there) on Smartpress. In order to print your project, you must design it with Canva on Smartpress.
  • You’ll need to register in order to print. 

Step 4: Choose a template and begin designing.


Step 5: Review and prepare your design for print.

  • You’ll be prompted with any necessary changes to prevent issues like white spaces around the edges, content at risk of being cut off, low-quality images, etc. 
  • You’ll also want to proofread.


Step 6: Choose paper stock, finishes and/or quantity.


Step 7: Add your project to your cart and place your order with Smartpress.


Simple, efficient, fast – what more could you want in a design software?


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