Greeting Card Printing FAQ

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Greeting card printing FAQ

Have a question about printing Greeting Cards? Check out these greeting card printing FAQ and learn about our paper stocks, coating options, matching envelopes and more.

What’s a standard greeting card size?

A very common and popular greeting card size is 5″W x 7”H.

Do you print portrait and landscape greeting cards?

Yes. Online printing lets you design your greeting cards with a portrait or landscape orientation.

What paper stocks are available?

You can design your own Greeting Cards on a variety of stocks, including coated, recycled, hemp, linen, felt weave and more. Learn more: Small Format Paper Stocks, Coated Paper Stocks vs. Uncoated Paper Stocks, Recycled Paper Stocks

What are paper weights?

Paper weight refers to the thickness of the stock. Depending on the stock, you may see point weights, cover weights and/or text weights, where the higher the number, the thicker the stock. Learn more: Text Weight vs. Cover Weight

Can I print on the inside of my card?

Yes, as long as you design your card with a fold. When you have a fold, the dropdown on the product page called “Printing on the Back” refers to the inside of the card.

What do the different ink choices mean?

As a premium online printer, we offer a variety of ink choices for card printing. We recommend:

  • Black Only – For designs with no color.
  • Full Color – For designs with a wide range of colors.
  • Full Color + Spot White – If you want a white layer of ink printed in designated areas of your full color design.
  • White Only – If you do not want any color (or black) within your design.

Learn more: Color, Black vs. Full-Color Ink, White Ink Printing

Can I proof my greeting cards?

Yes. A digital PDF soft proof will be available for your review within one business day after we receive your file upload. You’ll be able to review the project’s content, format and more and make any changes before it’s printed. Learn more: Proofs

Can I add a coating or laminate to my card?

Yes. You can finish your custom cards with gloss and matte UV coatings or velvety Soft Touch laminate on one or two sides. We do not recommend adding Soft Touch to any side of the card you plan to write on. Learn more: UV Coating, Soft Touch Laminate, Coating vs. Laminate

What’s the difference between simple and complex digital laser cutting?

Choose simple die cutting for shapes like circles, ovals, squares and rectangles. Choose complex die cutting for any shapes or cuts more intricate than that.

Can I create cards with different sayings and designs in the same order?

Yes. With our Versions feature, you can print various designs to differ content on multiple greeting cards. For this online printing service, the designs can change but your cards must be the same size, stock and finish. Learn more: Versions

Are envelopes included? Can you print on the envelopes?

Envelopes are not included, but you can add them to your greeting cards by choosing the coordinating size and stock from the Matching Envelopes dropdown. Learn more: Understanding Envelope Sizes

We can also print your envelopes with variable data to personalize each one. Simply choose your preference in the Envelope Printing dropdown. Learn more: Variable Data Printing

If you have questions about any of these greeting card printing FAQ or other printing services, please contact customer service.