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[accordionHead]What format do you prefer print files to be sent in?[/accordionHead] [accordionBody]

High resolution, print quality PDFs are the most reliable file format for online printing. Please follow the export settings steps in the File Preparation section.

[/accordionBody] [accordionHead]Why am I getting errors when trying to process my credit card?[/accordionHead] [accordionBody]

Every time you try to submit an order, even if it doesn’t get fully processed or captured, a pending charge is sent to your bank/credit institution to check that the funds are available. Those pending charges usually fall off within a couple business days. If you try to submit the same charge within 15 minutes the system blocks the duplicate transaction.

To get around the error, either wait for the time delay to run out, or change the amount charged slightly (for example, if you’re ordering 100 invitations, change that quantity to 101 or 99 to change the dollar amount, even by a couple cents).

If you’re getting a billing address mismatch error, double check that your address and zip code matches the address on file at your bank. If you’ve moved recently, it may also be due to a delay in updating the billing address, so you can also try submitting your previous billing address.

[/accordionBody] [accordionHead]What is the difference between text and cover paper weights?[/accordionHead] [accordionBody]

Cover weight is thicker than text weight and has cardstock-like properties. Text weight stocks are more flexible, similar to the paper in your copier only thicker. The higher the number, the thicker the stock: 120# cover is comparable to 12pt. stock.

[/accordionBody] [accordionHead]Are there print templates that I can use for my artwork?[/accordionHead] [accordionBody]

Yes. Go to any product page and scroll down to the Project Resources section under the Create Your Project section to locate layout guides showing adequate bleeds and type safety margins for that specific project. Please remember to delete the layout guides before exporting the PDF. Aside from that, your project’s layout and design are only limited by your imagination.

[/accordionBody] [accordionHead]Do you save my specs from previous orders?[/accordionHead] [accordionBody]

Log in to your account and locate the past order you liked and click on “show job specifications” to view the paper stock, size, quantity, finishing options and any other specs from that job.

[/accordionBody] [accordionHead]What’s the difference between proofing time, production turnaround, shipping, etc.?[/accordionHead] [accordionBody]

We strive to provide a proof within 24 hours of order placement. For an online printer, production turnaround refers to the in-house printing and finishing time for your order and can be chosen online when placing the order.

Once the order is finished, it moves through to our shipping department where it is packed up and handed off to the customer-specified shipping method. For our online printing services, UPS is our primary shipping partner. However, we can use your FedEx account information if you make the information available to us.

[/accordionBody] [accordionHead]If I am unsatisfied with the results can I get my money back?[/accordionHead] [accordionBody]

The short version – you will love our work, or we will make it right. If for any reason we can’t make it right, we will give you your money back. Please refer to our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and to our Refund Policy for detailed information about refunds and reprints.



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