Sell Sheet Printing FAQ

Level: basic
A marketing sell sheet with Prana Chai Agave Blend in black text and an image of tear being strained.

Have a question about printing custom Sell Sheets? Check out these sell sheet printing FAQ and learn about our paper stocks, coatings, proofs and more.

What sizes are available?

You can design custom sell sheets for online printing in our predetermined sizes or use custom dimensions. When you enter your desired dimensions in the Finished Size fields on the product page, a notification will alert you if they are outside our parameters. In that case, you can request a Custom Quote.

What paper stocks and weights are available?

We offer sell sheet printing on a variety of paper stocks, including coated, uncoated and recycled. We also offer both text and cover weights, where the larger the number, the thicker the stock. Learn more: Small Format Paper Stocks, Coated Paper Stocks vs. Uncoated Paper Stocks, Recycled Paper Stocks, Text Weight vs. Cover Weight

Can I print double-sided sell sheets?

Yes. You can print your own sell sheets with black or full-color ink on one or both sides. Just use the Printing on the Front and Printing on the Back dropdowns on the product page. Learn more: Black vs. Full-Color Printing

Can I add a coating or laminate to my sell sheets?

You can finish and protect your sell sheets with one of our UV coatings or laminates like gloss, matte and Soft Touch. Learn more: UV Coating vs. Laminate, Printing with UV Coating, Soft Touch Laminate

What information goes on a sell sheet?

Depending on how you plan to use it, a sell sheet typically includes promotional or educational information. From product or service details, to real estate floor plans and amenities, to flyers for restaurant openings, custom sell sheets are conveniently versatile to suit your needs.

What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity for sell sheets is 10, with the maximum quantity all the way up to 10,000. For quantities outside this range, you can request a Custom Quote.

Will I get a proof for my sell sheets?

Yes. A digital PDF soft proof will be available for your review within one business day after we receive your file upload. You’ll be able to review the project’s content, format and more and make any changes before it’s printed. Learn more: Proofs

Can I create sell sheets with different designs in the same order?

Yes. With our Versions feature, you can print various designs to differ content on multiple sell sheets. Part of our online printing services, it lets you change the designs but your sell sheets must be the same size, stock and finish. Learn more: Versions

If you have questions about any of these sell sheet printing FAQ or other printing services, please contact customer service.