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Multiple Version Printing

The multiple version option is for digital printing projects in which the quantity, paper, size, printing, and finishing specs, as well as the shipping details, are the same for each version, but the designs are different. Purchase multiple versions of a project on the same order with these simple steps.

  1. Be sure that you have separate design files for each version of your project.
  2. Find the suitable offering page for your printing project, whether it’s a business card, brochure, or invitation.
  3. Under quantity, click the plus (+) sign and “Add Another Version”. A field appears for the name of the new version.
  4. Choose the quantities for each project. Each version must have the same quantity.
  5. Label your digital files according to each version. For example, “Version 1” should be added to the file name of your first project, “Version 2” to the file name of your second project, and so on.
  6. Upload your digital print files. There is a place on the Upload page to add notes about specific information for each file and version. Include any notes that would be helpful with processing your order – please be sure to include the version name you chose here.
  7. Proceed with your order, as usual, indicating if you’d like to see a hard proof.

If your project requires it, there is also an option to have variable data printed on the different versions of a digital print project. Be sure to label the variable data files appropriately with “Version 1” or “Version 2” so the lists are used for the correct projects.

Please note, if you have multiple versions and have selected digital laser cutting, there may be an additional charge for the file and machine set-up when the digital laser cutting files differ by version.

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