Sticker Printing FAQ

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Sticker printing FAQ

Have a question about sticker printing? Check out these sticker printing FAQ and learn about our permanent and removable stocks, die cutting and more.

What sizes are available?

You can design custom Stickers for online printing in our predetermined sizes or use custom dimensions. When you enter your desired dimensions in the Finished Size fields on the product page, a notification will alert you if they are outside our parameters. In that case, you can request a Custom Quote.

What sticker stock is available? Are there removable and permanent options?

You can print your own stickers on a variety of removable and permanent stocks:

  • Crack ‘n’ Peel – 60# Matte White
    • Permanent stock and crack ‘n’ peel backing allows for easy peeling and workability.
    • Great for promotional giveaways.
  • White / Clear Polypropylene – Permanent
    • Permanent stock that’s repositionable.
    • Applicable to textured and non-textured materials and will not damage the surface.
    • Great for beauty products and safety information that you don’t want removed.
  • White / Clear Polypropylene – Removable
    • Removable stock with low-tack adhesive that’s intended for one-time use.
    • Applicable to non-textured surfaces, such as glass, painted metal and stainless steel.
    • Great for clear jars, mason jars, bottles, laptops, notebooks and more.

Does sticker printing come on sheets or rolls?

Stickers are printed on sheets.

Is there perforation between each sticker?

No. If you’d like to add perforation between each sticker, please request a Custom Quote.

What do the different sticker printing ink choices mean?

As a premium online printer, we offer a variety of ink choices for sticker printing:

  • Black Only – For designs with no color.
  • Full Color – For designs with a wide range of colors.
  • Full Color + Spot White – If you want a white layer of ink printed in designated areas of your full color design.
  • White Only – If you do not want any color (or black) within your design.

Learn more: Color, Black vs. Full-Color Ink, White Ink Printing

What sticker shapes can you make?

With digital laser cutting, you can print stickers in any shape and size. Just select your preference in the Digital Laser Cutting dropdown on the product page. Options include:

  • Die Cut Single – This cut is a single sticker cut on the die line.
  • Kiss Cut Single – A single sticker cut on the die line with an additional die cut about 1/4” around to allow for easier removal from the sticker liner.
  • Kiss Cut Sheet – This cut gives you multiple stickers per sheet with one cutting design.
  • Combo Sheet – This cut results in multiple designs with a kiss cut on one sheet.

Learn more: Digital Laser Cutting

Can I write on my stickers?

Yes. You can write on crack ‘n’ peel stickers with a pen and our polypropylene stickers with a permanent marker.

Can you print on the back of stickers? On the liner?

No, we cannot print on the back of stickers or the liner.

Can you help with my sticker printing design?

Yes. Our Layout Services team can help you design your stickers. Our experts are happy to discuss your ideas and guide you through the design and setup process. Learn more: Layout Services

Can I create multiple stickers in the same order?

Yes. With our Versions feature, you can print various designs to differ content on multiple stickers. Our online printing services require your stickers be the same size, stock and finish but your designs and content can change as much as you like. Learn more: Versions

Can you print variable data?

Yes. With variable data printing, you can create personalized stickers with barcodes, QR codes, names, customer IDs and more. Learn more: Variable Data Printing

Will my stickers adhere to everything?

This will vary based on the sticker stock you choose. Stickers adhere best to smooth, hard surfaces.

Can you add coating to the stickers?

Yes. We offer flat matte and ultra gloss UV coatings on all sticker stocks except crack ‘n’ peel. Learn more: UV Coating, Coating vs. Laminate

Are there water-resistant options for sticker printing?

You can add a UV coating to sticker printing to create a water-resistant barrier, but that will not make your stickers fully waterproof. UV coating is available on all stocks except crack ‘n’ peel.

If you have questions about these sticker printing FAQ or other printing services, please contact customer service.

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