Newszine Booklets: Adventure Stories Captured by Lens and Told in Print
| Posted on 10/18/18

Newszine Booklets: Adventure Stories Captured by Lens and Told in Print

Cam McLeod is considered one of the country’s best adventure photographers. Since publishing his first photos in POWDER magazine a half dozen years ago, McLeod has been using his lens to bring people along on the experience. His latest newszine booklet showcases exhilarating outdoor action captured with his camera.


Full color interior spread from Spell of the Yukon

Finding the Story Within a Landscape

“Columbia Sportswear approached me,” McLeod recalled. “They wanted to capture the story and struggle of physical endurance. I went on assignment to the Yukon and followed two hikers with my camera, recording their trip as they made their trek across the rough and rugged terrain in temperatures that were on average 25 degrees below zero.” 

“Our Sherpa guide shared a poem by Robert Service entitled ‘The Spell of the Yukon’ with us while we were making the trek,” he said. “The words were meant to inspire us.” And did they. Upon his return, McLeod’s photo assignment sparked a stunning visual narrative in a Saddle Stitch Booklet, using the lyrical ode to showcase his enviable skills.

For me, it’s an exercise in self-exploration. To find a way to make the images feel alive, to feel tangible, to have a tactile quality.”

Booklet printing

Photography magazines

The newszine spread features full bleed striking photos

Image Maker

“I’ve always been in love with images,” McLeod said. “I started doing this because I believed I had a unique perspective to share.”

Saddle stitch binding

McLeod’s favorite spread featuring snow globe effect

Poetry in Motion

The outdoor adventure that he saw through his lens and shares in his premiere 24-page newszine issue, Paper Trail #1, The Spell of the Yukon is not one you’ll likely forget. And collaborating with an online printer like Smartpress ensures those memories last a lifetime.

“I’m a visual storyteller,” McLeod said. “I’ve been composing photos and scenes my entire life, long before I had a camera. It’s how I see the world. And I knew when I got back from this trip that I wanted others to experience it. I asked Pedro and Jackie, my photo editors out of Maine, to pull selects,” McLeod said. His friend Jake Richardson, based in Brooklyn, offered to do the layout for the 6″ x 9″ promo.

Using Smartpress’ wide array of online printing services, the layout came to life. “The center spread, with its snow globe effect, is my absolute favorite,” McLeod said. “It’s a photographer’s dream. It was one of those right time, right place, right shot moments.”  


“The longitudinal coordinates that Jake added and the faces I captured caked in frost gave the piece an authenticity and realness that I really liked,” McLeod said. Apparently, others did, too.

Design your own newszine

Longitudinal coordinates of images are featured on various pages

Full color book printing

Letting the Outside In

Custom booklet printing makes online printing projects like McLeod’s simple and streamlined. With stock and binding options, plus finishes like UV coating and Soft Touch laminate, no idea is too big. “It connected in a way I didn’t expect,” McLeod said. “At the time, it became the most commented piece on my photo editor’s website. The feedback was really positive. I couldn’t have been happier with the result.”

Booklet spread

Following the Trail 

Currently in studio shooting, McLeod is on the hunt for the next digitally interesting adventure to shoot. “Photography is my life,” he explained. “The next frame and the next story consumes me. I’m constantly composing images in my mind.” Whatever they are, we can’t wait to follow his paper trail.



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