No Pain, All Gain: Jujimufu’s Print Strategy for Spiral Coil Booklets

No Pain, All Gain: Jujimufu’s Print Strategy for Spiral Coil Booklets

Step foot in any gym and it’s obvious how serious we get about physical health. Jon Call, on the other hand, flips the script on fitness with his own brand of workout, one that’s largely done at home and with humor. Known to over a million Instagram followers as Jujimufu, Call entertains and educates with exercise programs compiled in Spiral Coil Booklets: “I essentially made a career out of something I’d do for free anyway.”

A spiral coil booklet printed with an illustration of a muscular man doing the splits on the cover.
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Setting Goals

With a personality as big as his physique, Juji’s had a passion for fitness for more than 15 years, beginning with tricking (a mix of kicks, flips and twists), moving into bodybuilding and on to other impressive feats of strength.


Wanting to share his fitness philosophy with others, Juji turned that passion into a business just in recent years. “I decided to package the material and sell them as digital products at first,” he said. “I moved to print because I always wanted to, but I thought it would be hard to do.”


Online printing with Smartpress made that transition easy, as Juji gravitated toward Spiral Coil Booklets in particular.

Custom spiral coil booklets printed as training manuals with images of a man with workout equipment.


Jujimufu wearing a bandana and sunglasses holding a book called The Next Step.



“The spiral format helps keep the book open while you follow along and do the exercises in my programs,” he said. “[Otherwise] you’d have to use an object or bookmark to keep the page open, which isn’t fun.”


That sturdy plastic coil is essential for spiral bound books like Juji’s, where instructional images and routines are clearly laid out. Available on the left or top of the booklet, that binding choice was the right one for Juji.


“Creating and expanding a collection of my works in spiral format has been met with great enthusiasm by my audience and customers.”

Two spiral coil booklets laying open to instructional images of a man stretching in his home.

100# Coated Matte White Cover with 80# Coated Matte White Text Interior Pages, flat matte U/V coating on cover 5.5 x 8.5″

Jujimufu holding a cat and standing with one foot on a yellow shovel in the sand.


Transforming Traditional

Well known for competing on America’s Got Talent and viral weighted chair-split videos on YouTube, Juji’s enthusiasm for overcoming obstacles and working toward goals, plus a wealth of fitness knowledge, is what motivates others to get on board with his training guidance.


With many exercises designed to be done in your own home, garage or yard, Juji’s methods are as customizable as Smartpress’ booklet printing. His Legendary Flexibility book even features a comedic tour of his home, with Juji “living the flexibility lifestyle”: squatting to reach low appliances, power stances at the dishwasher and glute stretches while on the phone.

Our online printing services let Juji create his training manuals and programs however he wants. And while the spiral binding is a hit with Juji’s customers, noting, “they’re convenient to use while training and they look cool,” you can print custom booklets with other binding, paper stock and finishing options, too.


Design your own product manual with UV coating or Soft Touch laminate. Try adding perforation to cookbooks for tear-out recipe cards. Personalize happy hour menus with drilling for a clean presentation. Or pump up your annual report with as many pages as you need, like Juji’s Legendary Flexibility book (it’s over 200 pages).

Five training manuals by Jujimufu with spiral bindings and customer artwork overlapping each other in a row.

Lifting the Level

To bring his print vision to life, Juji not only collaborates with Smartpress, but also illustrator and artist Sebastián Franchini. One look at any of Juji’s custom covers and it’s clear branding is a big part of the business.


“My design inspiration and artwork preference is based on the band Manowar and their metal album covers,” said Juji. In Franchini, Juji’s “found an artist who could create art like this and we’ve been working together for five years now.”

A workout training manual printed with a wire coil binding laying open to black and white imagery and text.

Choose a black or white spiral coil to coordinate with content



Drawn to fantasy artists like Frank Frazetta, Juji’s booklet covers are dramatic and vibrant, with an epic graphic novel aesthetic. And since Spiral Coil Booklets offer black, full color and white ink options, Juji’s able to contrast all that color with Franchini’s pencil stretches inside programs like The Invincible Athlete and The Groundbreaker.


As any business owner knows, creating visual marketing that matches your brand voice is essential for customer recognition and retention – something Juji’s doing in abundance.

Three rows of training manuals written by Jujimufu with coil bindings and custom cover art.

Six-Pack Success

While incorporating print into his business strategy has been a successful one, Juji knows it’s important to balance that tactic with his strong digital presence, so he includes a digital version with every spiral book sold “so the customer can begin working with the material immediately.”


For Juji, teaming up with an online printer like Smartpress means his customers don’t have to wait long to get those spiral books into their hands.


“The quality is amazing but the turnaround time for an order is even more amazing,” he said. “I have trouble keeping inventory of my products because they’re in high demand and Smartpress prints at light speed so I can keep them in stock.”

And though he has a legion of social followers, Juji’s seen proof that there’s still profit with print.


“Digital will always be in demand because, let’s face it, shipping across the world can take weeks or months,” he said. “Unlike a digital product, it’s easier to flip around a print medium and make notes. And some of us like holding things in our hands!”


Whether you’re holding a weight or a book, is up to you.


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