Bucking the Trend: How a SaaS Founder Leverages Direct Mail Magazines

Bucking the Trend: How a SaaS Founder Leverages Direct Mail Magazines

It’s 2020. He’s 30. He’s retired. (Well… if you can call running a website, writing a best-selling book, jet-setting to speaking engagements, hosting a podcast and publishing financial direct mail magazines “retired.”)

A direct mail magazine laying open to a black and white image of a man leaning against a street lamp.

Strategic Distinction

Founder of a top SaaS companies database, Nathan Latka loves helping top entrepreneurs benchmark data. And he has more than 10,000 CEOs and investors reading his magazine every month. But why use direct mail magazines or print at all in a digital world?

Latka says, “Most of my competitors are digital-only. Delivering a physical piece of mail sets us apart because it goes against the trend. Each month we send a magazine to our users to hand-deliver them data they can’t find online. This is almost like a more sophisticated business card that clients keep on their desks. Great talking pieces!”

Direct mail magazines fanned out with a white cover and Latka Sept 2019 in black text on the spine.
A direct mail magazine laying open to a purple and blue bar chart with a hand turning the page.

Tactical Impact

A Smartpress client since 2018, Latka says readers of his magazine tend to buy more of his products and exhibit higher retention. And his clients? They love getting physical magazines and sharing them with colleagues. In fact, Latka says, “Many take selfies with the magazine and post them online, getting us more word of mouth.” Quite the strategic impact.


Booklet printing is easy with binding options and personalizing features galore. As a world-class online printer, Smartpress let Latka play with coated and uncoated paper stocks, UV coatings, text and cover weights, full-color ink, Soft Touch laminate and more.

Latka decided on the Perfect Bound Book for his self-titled custom magazines. “I chose perfect bound because I wanted a clean edge. I was looking for a magazine-like feel but not with cheap, easy-to-rip pages.” High-end looks with a kicker: Latka also uses Smartpress’ direct mail services to send the magazine to his clients.

“Handling the mailing of thousands of pieces of mail each month is something that would take me loads of time,” he said. “As a founder, I don’t have time, so I’m thrilled I can rely on Smartpress’ direct mail services to do this for me.”

Custom magazines laid out in rows with LATKA on the front and two hands opening the one in the middle.
A direct mail magazine laying open to a black and white image of a man talking to a woman at a bar.

From Dream to Reality

What dazzles Latka most about Smartpress’ product and online printing services? It’s his vision come to life in print. “I’ve worked with a lot of printing companies. Rarely does the approved proof match the final product. I was shocked when the Smartpress perfect bound version of my magazine exactly matched the proof across all 56 pages and the cover!”


He goes on to say, “What impresses me most with Smartpress is how quick they can go from proof, to print, to ship.”

Two hands holding a direct mail magazine open with more closed magazines lined up in rows below it.

Against the Grain

Designing direct mail magazines for online printing has proven to be integral to Latka’s business and indeed a viable medium in today’s digital age. He says, “Going against the grain is always a good strategy. People don’t expect physical mail, so when you do it, you stand out. Our customers love it and we plan to continue to send the magazine through 2020 and beyond.”


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