Well-Versed: Crew + Co. Inspires Joy with Collated Printing

Well-Versed: Crew + Co. Inspires Joy with Collated Printing

As the owner and designer of Crew + Co., Courtney Kassner’s inspiring and encouraging clients with faith-based scripture cards designed in her signature blend of vibrant color and trendy calligraphy. For Kassner, Collated Printing is a business blessing.

Five cards with motivational sayings for teachers lined up in a row with two hands holding another card above them.

Everyday Enlightenment

Started in 2015, Crew + Co has given Kassner a chance to turn passion projects into products. “Bright, fun colors are important to me. I try to design products that are appealing to a broad age range, from the youngest member in a family to the oldest.” It’s allowed her to put her love of calligraphy to good use, too. “I love designing with hand lettering,” she said. “That’s what sets our products apart from many others in the same industry.”

Two hands holding a keyring with one key and a card with a devotional saying.

Scattered keychain tags printed with vibrant watercolor designs and devotional sayings with a hand holding one of them.

Collated Printing allows for unique content on prints of the same size, shape and stock



What else sets Crew + Co apart? Kassner’s ingenuity with Collated Printing. For her Travel Size Cards strung together on a keyring, she designed 30 prints with different scriptures, colors and patterns on each one. Collated Printing made it possible to print the cards’ varying designs in the right order.

“That was the most important aspect in choosing a printer for our first set of Scripture Cards back in 2015,” she said. “The amount of time saved by utilizing Collated Printing made a huge difference in shipping efficiency.” With Collated Printing, creativity is never sacrificed for convenience. Instead, the two are a divine duo for marketing materials of all kinds.

Two hands holding stacks of custom devotional cards created with collated printing.

Tailored Testaments

Kassner took a similar approach to her sets of Teacher Cards and Devotion Cards. She once again had various designs with worshipful words and inspirational idioms that needed to be printed in separate sets with each card in its proper place. This time though, the cards wouldn’t go on a keyring.

“The cards and prints can be used as home decor, as learning tools for kids and adults and as gifts of encouragement for friends,” she said. “One of the highest priorities for our business is offering durable, thick cards that will last over time and hold up despite daily use.”

Two hands holding a motivational flashcard with a quote from Confucius in black letters.

A deck of motivational cards with a bright floral design and encouraging sayings.



And since Collated Printing offers lots of size and finish options, the online printing possibilities are endless. The results – and your customers – will speak for themselves. Take it from Kassner: “Our clients and customers are always very impressed with the quality of the cards and love the different coating options we have on various products,” she said. “People always really love the Soft Touch coating!” It’s those details that make flash cards and decks of cards stand the test of time.

Two hands holding a stack of fanned-out custom posters with O for grace to trust Him more and a floral design.

A hand taking a custom poster off a stack of posters printed with be still and a floral design.

Announcements can be printed in custom sizes, stocks and coatings for both business and personal use

Marketing Ministry

Along with husband Will, sons Crew and Grey and daughter Sutton, Kassner has spread the good Word and her imagination over a suite of products. She uses 8” x 10” Announcements to showcase her artwork. “Our customers get them framed to hang in their homes and we’ve always received compliments on the quality!”

Not just for promoting sales and marketing events or milestones like graduations and births, Announcements can be customized for your specific project. In fact, as long as the stock, size and finishes remain the same, you can leverage Versions to incorporate different designs within the same print job. Part of our online printing services, it’s a great way to save money and vary your content.

Five custom posters printed with devotional sayings lined up in a row with two hands holding the poster in the middle.

Praising Print

From running a pet-sitting business to teaching calligraphy and many stops in-between, Kassner’s found her calling with Crew + Co. She knows the value of holding a product in your hand versus viewing it on a screen (and has the business growth to prove it).


“Printed products will always be a viable resource because of the emotional value they bring,” she said. “Whether it’s a postcard, thank-you note or countertop Scripture Card, printed products have a way of bringing a source of encouragement [to people] that the digital world simply cannot.”


And her saving grace? An online printer like Smartpress that offers Collated Printing. “It saved an incredible amount of time for us. Our card sets have up to 52 cards in each set, and just thinking about having to assemble each set of cards ourselves, one by one, sends chills up my spine!” It’s a print solution that’ll have your business in seventh heaven.


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