Immersive Experience: Lookbook Printing Boosts the Bottom Line
| Posted on 6/19/20

Immersive Experience: Lookbook Printing Boosts the Bottom Line

Your marketing strategy says a lot about your business. For Found Rentals and their product lookbooks, their strategy very clearly inspires design dreams, compels creativity and encourages their clients to escape. The latest edition, a leisurely trek through magical Morocco, stuns with warm-hued, textured photography highlighting the power of small details. Printed on Smartpress’ Perfect Bound Booklets, lookbook printing is driving sales and creating an undeniably immersive experience.

Fanned-out product lookbooks with found rentals and an image of an outdoor seating area with gold lamps.

Success by Design

Offering hand-picked specialty decor, furniture, textiles and accessories, Found Rentals curates and designs event spaces for big-name clients and individual customers alike. Browsing through their inventory is like walking through an open-air market, with rustic farmhouse charm on the left and artist’s-loft sophistication on the right. For General Manager Jewel Butler, a monthly lookbook was the only way to make that vintage world come to life for clients.


“We’re a rental design company that is constantly adding to our collection, bringing in one-of-a-kind pieces sourced around the globe and bringing in custom-designed pieces,” she said. “We want to ensure our clients are thinking of all the different ways these items can be used, and our monthly catalogs are a perfect way to do this.”


Ideal for lookbook printing like Butler’s, Smartpress’ Perfect Bound Booklets are modern marketing at its best. Whether you’re highlighting new products and collections to boost sales or building awareness and engagement, Perfect Bound Books provide all the space you need to tell the story of your brand, create emotional connections with customers and dive into the world of experiential retail.

A brand lookbook with pages flipping through furniture and decor product images and details.
A photography lookbook laying open to images of a rugs at an outdoor market and gold lamps.

Seamless Style

A key goal for Butler’s lookbooks is to inspire. And with images of multi-colored rugs, light fixtures with golden filigree and hypnotic mosaic tiles that customers can rent, plus the merchant stalls and eclectic dealers from where they were sourced, all immaculately styled for both event spaces and the home, there’s no chance that goal won’t be achieved.


“We wanted these catalogs to be a series of booklets our clients could proudly display on their desk, on their bookshelves or even their coffee tables,” she said. “A conversation that inspires!”


The Perfect Bound Book binding lends itself beautifully to all that marketing content. It played “a key role in the overall design” for Butler and can for you, too. Ideal for publications with 30 pages or more, a perfect binding gives you a clean, professional look with a cover that folds into a seamless square spine and pages cut precisely to line up with it. It’s the premiere choice for portfolios, graphic novels, workbooks, catalogs and directories up to two inches thick.

A product lookbook laying open to images of couch cushions and outdoor furniture.
A stack of tiered product lookbooks with a perfect binding, golden lamps on the cover and found rentals on the spine.

Arranging Assets

Whatever marketing you create, it has to represent you and your business. And this latest lookbook, with its spotlight on arresting architecture and dazzling decor, proves that’s a philosophy to which Butler subscribes for Found Rentals.


“When designing print or any marketing material for our business, it’s important we stay true to who we are, to our brand,” she said. “This comes down to not only the design and content of our catalog, but also the paper we’re printing on.”

Perfect Bound Booklets offer customizing options to suit marketing campaigns big and small, no matter your business. Personalize yours by size, premium cover and interior paper stocks and black or full-color ink. Opt for a UV or Soft Touch coating on the cover for not only a special look but also a special feel.


Smartpress’ online printing services include Versions, a feature that lets you print Perfect Bound Books with unique designs but the same size, stock and finish. It’s a time-saving, budget-friendly print solution that lets you vary content on multiple books.

Custom printed direct mail booklets for Found Rentals lined up in two rows.

Direct Discoveries

Pristine lookbook printing is one thing, but getting those books into the hands of clients – so they can create their own desert oasis – is another. Especially if they’re outside your local community. To keep the design creativity flowing for customers near and far, Butler also collaborated with Smartpress for mailing the catalogs.


“Smartpress’ Direct Mail Service has been amazing,” she said. “It’s easy and truly takes away a lot of the work. We upload our rolodex of addresses and that’s it. Smartpress handles all the rest!”


From list acquisition and processing to personalized addressing and sending, our direct mail services ensure your marketing campaign reaches target audiences so you can grow your business. It’s just one more way print makes you profitable.

Marketing lookbooks lined up in rows with found rentals and an outdoor seating area on the cover.

Design Priorities

Finding the balance between digital and print marketing is challenging for any business. And while Found Rentals offers a digital version of their lookbooks, Butler knows the composition of any successful campaign must include print.


“We are in a world of design, so to us having something in hand – to touch, to turn through, to get lost in – is very high on our priority list,” she said.

And just as every stylist knows it’s the special touches that take a concept from good to great, so too must an online printer. After working with Smarptress, Butler can attest to that. “In addition to the quality of product, we have been over the moon with the customer service,” she said. “Always willing to answer our questions, quick to respond and just kind overall.”


For Butler, the final product speaks for itself and her business. “Our goal was to provide our clients with high-quality, inspiring material, and with Smartpress, we were able to achieve this.”


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