Smartpress Launches Unique Digital Sleeking

Smartpress Launches Unique Digital Sleeking




CHANHASSEN, Minn., March 23, 2021 — Online printer is shaking up the industry by introducing foil products created through an innovative Sleeking™ process. More flexible and vibrant than traditional foil stamping, their gold, silver and holographic Sleeking is elevating print materials with new, rich, luxurious bling.


Why is Sleeking better than traditional stamping?

Smartpress is changing the face of print marketing by launching an assortment of products with digital Sleeking, a process that results in more luster and shine than that of traditional foil stamping. It’s like 24K gold compared to 10K. They offer gold, silver and holographic foil.

Three custom invites with a blue design and silver foil printed with digital sleeking.

Sleeking is a shinier, more vibrant and lustrous foil compared to traditional stamping. Think 24K gold versus 10K.



Traditional foil stamping relies on bulky metal dies that can’t handle precision. Digital Sleeking, however, sticks foil to the ink, not paper, so it adheres to even the finest, most complex design details. The end result is a shinier, more vibrant and lustrous foil. (Think 24K gold compared to 10K.)


See what Sleeking can do:


“The decision to move ahead with Sleeking as our primary foil method was a pretty easy one,” said Smartpress Sales Director Mike Lewis. “It provides creative flexibility, reduced costs and faster turnaround times to our clients. It also gives us the ability to foil much finer detail but, ironically, is also great for large solid areas.”


Why print with digital Sleeking?

  • More affordable and faster turnaround since stamping dies aren’t required.
  • Increased creative flexibility, from intricate designs to full background floods.
  • Maintains a stock’s flat surface and does not indent it.
  • Suede-like Soft Touch laminate provides a velvety, tactile experience.


“Sleeking has really begun getting more attention as digital embellishments have started to dominate the short run print world. Bringing its production in house has led to incredible growth,” said Lewis.


Add magic to marketing:

About Smartpress


Smartpress is the premium online printer for creative agencies, graphic designers, nonprofits and marketing professionals across the U.S. and Canada. They operate on three foundational principles:

1. Create the highest-quality print in the industry.

2. Provide world-class customer service with personal guidance every step of the way.

3. Maintain commitment to eco-friendly business practices and social responsibility.


Smartpress has achieved numerous environmental certifications like EcoVadis Gold and ISO 14001. They are a 100% employee-owned company and are home to one of the largest fleets of HP Indigo HD presses in the world.

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