Fact, Not Fiction: 5 Ways to Use Custom Bookmarks for Your Biz
| Posted on 5/20/24

Fact, Not Fiction: 5 Ways to Use Custom Bookmarks for Your Biz

You don’t need to be in the book business to leverage a unique marketing asset like custom bookmarks. Endlessly customizable, they turn every campaign into a successful new chapter – they’re so much more than page holders! Check out five ways (plus one bonus) that bookmark printing puts a plot twist on your marketing strategy.




“Whenever someone uses it to mark their page, they’ll remember [my brand].”

Two hands holding four custom bookmarks printed with lip balm imagery and Bee Bella in black and yellow.

Bookmarks: 120# Coated Gloss White Cover, 2.5 x 5″

Two custom bookmarks overlapping each other and printed with JOHARI in white and a pearl necklace.

Bookmark: 130# Uncoated Smooth White, 2 x 8″


#1 Product Marketing & Brand Promo

From nonprofits to small businesses to corporations, marketing and promotion is crucial. And whether you’re trying to spread the word about products, services or your brand’s mission, customized bookmarks fit easily into any strategy.


For Bee Bella’s Jodi Simmons, custom printing bookmarks was a way to build some buzz for both the honey bee and her handcrafted lip balms.


“One of our missions at Bee Bella is to spread awareness about the honey bee epidemic,” she said. “We include the bookmark in all of our business-to-consumer orders as well as handouts at trade shows.”


Opting for our professional coated gloss paper stock, Simmons took full advantage of a bookmark’s smaller space with double-sided printing and our Versions feature, which let her print different bookmarks (at one time) with the same size and finish but varying content.

“[It’s] an easy item for customers to pick up at trade shows and fits nicely in our shipping envelopes,” said Simmons. “It’s a low-cost item that can be used for multiple things. I’m thrilled with the results.”


That easy pickup-ability was also a selling point for Makeda Brown, owner/designer of Johari. Promoting her jewelry brand at wedding expos and markets, Brown’s custom bookmarks were a successful substitute for standard business cards.


“I wanted to make something usable, and as an avid reader I thought about how many bookmarks I keep. Whenever someone uses it to mark their page, they’ll remember Johari,” she said.


Printing on uncoated smooth stock and a strong 130# cover weight, Brown said her bookmarks turned out better than expected. “I was super happy with the paper quality and finish, and they’re sturdy enough to punch holes in for tassels without tearing. They’re always a big hit, so I’ve already put in a second order.”


Hint: When you print online with Smartpress, you can add rounded corners and more. How much more? Find out in our bookmark printing FAQ.

A hand holding a custom bookmark printed with an image of a mountain and a purple, orange and pink sunset.

Bookmark: 150# Coated Matte White Cover with Ultra Gloss UV Coating on front, 2.5 x 5″

Two custom bookmarks designed as business cards overlapping each other and printed with Ex Libris Fibers.

Bookmark: 150# Coated Matte White, 2 x 6″


#2 Package Inserts & Coupons

When customers and clients work with you or shop your brand, they expect an experience all the way through. That includes the packaging, and more specifically, the unboxing of that package. Your marketing shouldn’t stop once the customer lands on your site or steps into your shop. (And if it does, you’re missing a vital opportunity for retention – and another transaction.)


Whether they’re coupons, care instructions or thank you notes like Dubland Media’s Caleb Weston’s, custom bookmarks were made to be package inserts. For Weston, the idea to print custom bookmarks came from two different sources.


“I was looking for something customers would want to hold onto [and] be reminded of my work. I was [also] trying to find a smaller alternative for my panoramic photos. As I started to design panoramic bookmarks to sell, I thought why not make my thank-you insert a bookmark as well?”

To protect those awe-inspiring panoramic views and provide a finish worthy of them, Weston printed his inserts with our ultra gloss UV coating on one side (it’s available on both, along with laminate options like the velvety, tactile Soft Touch) and a short message and discount on the other.


“The insert came out beautifully! It looks like a high-quality product,” said Weston. “Smartpress will be the first printer I look to for future print projects. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with their workflow and the final products.”


Hint: Want to create inserts specific to targeted customers? Our online printing services include variable data printing, which lets you do just that. Think tiered discounts, personalized URLs, member rewards numbers and response cards that already include their contact info.

A bookmark designed as a clothing hang tag printed on Kraft paper and with Threadwell in white.

Bookmark: 100# Kraft – Speckletone with a 1/8″ Drill Hole, 2 x 3.25″

Two clothing hang tags overlapping each other and printed on Kraft paper with wash and care instructions in white.


#3 Hang Tags

When you think of custom bookmarks, you may not think of custom hang tags – but you should. Personalized hang tags for clothing and other retail items are another prime branding opportunity to consider.


Hang tags help create that complete, immersive brand experience for your customers and clients. They also are the perfect vehicle for product details, care instructions, mission statements, logos, slogans, and of course, pricing.

Our printing services include drill hole options, so you can create custom bookmarks with tassel accents, or in the case of hang tags, add any fastener you like. You can even print hang tags in custom shapes via digital laser cutting to coordinate with your branding.


Plus, we make it easy to send a sustainable message with recycled paper stocks. Are your products eco-friendly? Match them with hang tags on sustainable paper stocks like uncoated 100% recycled, felt weave or linen.


Hint: Use our bookmark templates as a starting point (find them under Layout Guides here) or choose your own design adventure with a Custom Quote.




“A bookmark seemed to be the perfect way to provide long-term access to information.”



Two bookmarks custom printed with church marketing, a QR code and Revelation in white.

Bookmark: 100# Coated Gloss White Cover with Ultra Gloss Coating on both sides, 2 x 6″


#4 Church & Nonprofit Resource

Sometimes a bookmark is just a bookmark, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be a boost for your business or organization. Take Ethan Bruneau’s South Cities Church Bible bookmark for example. Both practical and promotional, Bruneau’s custom bookmarks featured a list of program resources alongside branding.


“Our welcome team distributed them to anyone interested [in our] sermon series,” said Bruneau. “Many in our congregation bring their own Bibles to church, [and] a bookmark seemed to be the perfect way to keep the information at hand and provide long-term access to those resources.”

Printed in vibrant full color and the classic 2”W x 6”H size, Bruneau’s design sent the right message: “We loved how the bookmarks turned out! They’re the perfect weight and gloss for a high-quality bookmark.”


Hint: Whether for a nonprofit or a corporation, print marketing needs to look pristine. Keep yours protected and organized with custom printing services like shrink wrapping. Choose your own bundle quantities and use your assets as needed.


Five bookmarks custom printed with a pink background, a cat graphic and Curl up with the purr-fect mystery in black.

Bookmark: 80# Coated Gloss White Cover, 2 x 6″

Two hands holding a custom event ticket printed with Cocktails with Creatives in black and yellow and a perforated ticket.

Event Ticket: 100# Felt Weave White Cover, Die Cut and Perforation, 4.5 x 2″


#5 Book & Publication Promotion

What goes better with book and publication promos than bookmarks themselves? Custom bookmarks can be designed to not only mark a reader’s spot, but also turn that reader into a repeat buyer.


That was the promo plot that author M. Rebecca Wildsmith followed for her two supernatural murder mysteries. “I send them in packages from my TikTok shop, where I sell signed books in hardcover and paperback [and] give out bookmarks at my book signings. They always stand out on my table,” she said.

With a punning tagline on one side and accolades and availability on the other, Wildsmith’s bookmarks are the perfect example of how to keep fans in-the-know and excited about upcoming releases. With two international bestsellers on her shelf, Wildsmith’s tactic is one to emulate. So is her choice of online printers.


“Smartpress is incredible to work with! I’m a perfectionist, and they always pleasantly work with me to deliver a product I feel proud to distribute to my readers. I’m so pleased I can reorder quickly and with confidence. People always compliment the design and colors, and it’s so convenient having all my book information on the back.”


Bonus: DYK bookmarks can even be turned into tickets for events like Wildsmith’s book signings. In fact, so many of our clients were already using our online print shop to do that, we decided to create a specific product for them! Print your custom Event Tickets here.




A pile of scattered custom bookmarks printed with various marketing and imagery in pink, purple, orange, white and blue.


Success Story


With so much marketing targeted at customers, it’s important for yours to stand out. Printing custom bookmarks in creative ways is a guaranteed way to do that (and a guaranteed way to boost your metrics). Do your online printing with Smartpress, and get on the same page as your customers in more ways than one.

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