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Introducing custom designed Pet Cones! Customizable for furry (and not so furry) friends of all shapes and sizes, our cones do more than just protect your pet. Design yours to make a fashion statement and coordinate with your own outfit. Or create one to give your baby some tough street cred at the park. And never forget the power of The Cone Of Shame for when they've been a little naughty. Our cones blend style with safety and do it all with purrfect quality, woof-class service and social respawsibility.

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Pet Cone Features and Benefits
Match Them

Have a pet with a pal who are like two peas in a pod? Make sure the whole neighborhood knows it with matching cones! With custom designs and colors, matching cones are the new friendship bracelets.

Calm Them

Does your furbaby need to take it down a notch? Add soothing imagery and colors to a custom cone to help them do just that. When the zoomies strike, the calming cone strikes back.

Fashion Them

Whether they have fur, scales or feathers, your floof has personality to spare - so coordinate with a cone. Whether you have a bossy pants, drama queen or the goodest boy, create a cone that makes a statement and personifies your pet.

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  • Fash-un like you've never seen
    Fash-un like you've never seen

    I can't even describe how well this looks on my dog. He was like every other dog...basic and average, but now! He prances around the dog park like he owns the place. Thank you Smartpress for giving my dog the confidence boost and making me a proud pup owner!!!!


    Finally a product that allows me to match by BFF Snuffy, how has it taken this long for a company to finally allow humans to match their precious fur babies!! Thank you, thank you Smartpress for letting me say to the world, HEY WORLD, I'M A CAT LOVER GET OVER IT!!

  • Great idea...but got my small boi heckin stuck
    Great idea...but got my small boi heckin stuck

    When I got Mr. Sparkles he was always an anxious boi. Nothing would calm him down, I tried weighted blankets but I got so worried it would crush his tiny body. Then Smartpress came out with this multi-sized pet-cone with custom artwork uploads and I gave it a shot. I was pleased with the result, Mr. S was noticeably calmer, however, since he wasn't used to wearing this new accessory he got crazy stuck in the air duct for a few hours, I had to call the landlord to fish him out. All-in-all probably not meant for my tiny adventurer.

  • The most unlikely BFF
    The most unlikely BFF

    My precious baby angels are at each others sides always. I was struggling to find a way to showcase this tight knit bond with some sort of friendship merch and found pet-cones by Smart Press. To say this brought their friendship to a whole new level is such an understatment! With their matching BFF cones their bond is forever sealed in mammal history, now when we go out there is no question these two are the purfect pair.

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**DISCLAIMER: Please note that while pet cones can aid in healing and recovery from injuries, this product does not constitute medical care. If your pet requires medical attention, see a licensed medical professional - ideally a veterinarian, not a human physician. It is not recommended that your pet lick, chew or ingest any part or all of this product. (Neither should you.) This Smartpress product is liable for your pet's boosted self-esteem, head-tilting fashion statements, zen afternoon naps in the sun and nothing else. By the way, April Fools.