Smartpress Introduces 30 Groundbreaking Products for Print Marketing




CHANHASSEN, MINNESOTA – Feb. 25, 2021 – Online printer just launched 30 state-of-the-art products into the marketing industry, pioneering the next level of creativity and innovation for custom ads and invitations. In a world of digital marketing, print is taking back its place in the advertising arsenal, one designer fold at a time.


Make Marketing Memorable

Through a partnership with Foldfactory, Smartpress’ new, cutting-edge mailers, custom brochures and marketing collateral will leave target audiences wanting more. Ideal for product launches, event announcements and trade show handouts, Designer Folds add unexpected sizzle to advertising and communication strategies.





Get inspired with print materials like you’ve never seen:


“Our new collection offers fun designs that companies and nonprofits can use to share their messages. During the digital age, our customers’ print marketing strategies need to stand out, and Designer Folds will provide them a totally unique method of communication,” said Matt Chapman, VP of Smartpress.



Differentiate from Digital

  • Why does leveraging print boost marketers above the competition?
  • Print marketing has become a bright spot to combat the digital fatigue of the pandemic.
  • Digital ads reinforced with print campaigns establish credibility in the marketplace and reach wider audiences.
  • As businesses continue to reopen and more events take place, companies need inventive strategies to drive awareness and win customers back.
  • Designer Folds surprise and delight with a visual and tactile experience that reveals a message one panel, curve and twist at a time.


“Well-timed, well-placed print media as part of a campaign or promotion can drive sales, build loyalty, top-of-mind brand recognition and make a big impression,” said Foldfactory founder, Trish Witkowski. “Specialty formats are impactful – they provoke a reaction.”



Get in on the Action
Smartpress’ online printing services give customers a “local print shop” experience with personal help customizing any project. Designer Folds are an innovative advertising strategy that’s already generating leads and buzz like print marketing hasn’t experienced in years.


See these groundbreaking products in action: blog/features/unveil-the-unexpected-marketing-with-designer-folds

About Smartpress


Smartpress is the premium online printer for creative agencies, graphic designers, nonprofits and marketing professionals across the U.S. and Canada. They operate on three foundational principles:

1. Create the highest-quality print in the industry.

2. Provide world-class customer service with personal guidance every step of the way.

3. Maintain commitment to eco-friendly business practices and social responsibility.

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