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How to Order: Ordering online printing projects with Smartpress is simple and easy.

What to Expect With Your Direct Mail Order: Find out what happens after you use our online printing services for mailing.

Your Print Job Path Through Smartpress: See what happens in each department.

Printing Turnaround Time: Calculating turnaround time for your next project.

FTP Service for Large Files: See how easy it is to upload large files.

How to Use a Print Proof: How to select and review the right proofing option.

Shipping: Learn about mailing and counter pick-up options for your products.

Dimensional Weight Shipping: See when this charge applies to your print project.

Kitting vs. Split Shipping: Find out how we send your products to their destinations.

Online Printing Pricing: Understand how pricing works at Smartpress.

Payment Options: See what payment options are available.

Please note: Our prepress department checks all submitted artwork files before printing but you are still entirely responsible for the accuracy of your print-ready artwork files. We encourage you to proofread all files carefully before submitting them to Smartpress or any online printer.

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