Print in Politics: A Campaign’s Most Effective Tool

When it comes to political campaigning, print works. No question about it. Studies show print is still one of the most effective tools in the fundraising and stumping season. Digital marketing will only get you “so far.” You need to be proactive in getting the word out through signs, mailers and pamphlets – a tactic that’s proven to be the most successful, time and again. Put simply: print drives campaigns.

Drive Local Awareness

Raising awareness in your community is the foundation for any political campaign. It’s imperative you advertise your platform and build name recognition. Reach out directly to residents in your district via Direct Mail Postcards, Letter Mailers and Door Hangers. Decorate speech venues with Posters. And never underestimate the sheer power of recommendations from trusted neighbors and local influencers… Yard Signs are key.


You have supporters, but need the capital to get more. Create engaging Invitations for fundraising events. Furnish rallies with compelling Hanging Banners that promote your slogan. And make it easy for backers to financially support your campaign by simply dropping money in the mail via a Letter Mailer with Reply.

Campaign Swag

While you’re out-and-about in your community, handing out souvenirs keeps a candidate’s name top-of-mind. Brochures are a professional way to summarize your platform and establish your campaign as a legitimate force. After talking with voters, be sure to leave behind a Sticker or Magnet to make your candidate memorable.

Customize per Audience

Switch up your print piece’s content or design without the expense of buying numerous products. Since unit cost goes down when you order more of an item, simply order multiple versions of it. As long as the configuration stays the same – stock, size, folding and finishes – just pay a small fee with no additional set-up costs. To do this, choose the “Add Versions” icon under the Quantity field on the product page.





Nicole Bullock, Graphic Designer
Rachel Gasper, Graphic Designer
Maranda Steinmetz-Robey, Graphic Designer

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